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The OMG and OASIS Exchange Memberships

The Object Management Group (OMG) announces its cross-membership with the Organization for Advancement of Structured Information Standards

The OMG and OASIS Exchange Memberships

Framingham, MA. September 16,1999.

In a move intended to unite the data representation flexibility of XML and the scalable, robust interoperability, transactional semantics, and enterprise-level security of CORBA, the Object Management Group (OMG) announces a membership exchange with the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS). OASIS has joined the OMG as a Domain Member and the OMG is now a Sponsor Member of OASIS.

"The OMG is integrating XML into the CORBA technical infrastructure, so that new XML-based applications will plug and play with current applications including C, C++, Java, COBOL, Ada as well as future new technologies," said Richard Soley, chairman of the OMG. "This Membership exchange provides the OMG with additional access to events in the XML arena."

Laura Walker, executive director of OASIS noted, "We have a lot in common and much to gain from our affiliation. Both OASIS and the OMG are committed to interoperability through vendor-neutral standards. As a Sponsor Member of OASIS, OMG will bring a valuable perspective to our XML interoperability work. In the same manner, we look forward to contributing our XML expertise to their standardized object software."

As an OASIS Sponsor Member, the OMG will participate in OASIS technical discussion groups and committee-working groups, receive registry/repository services, and will be directly involved in the work of the OASIS Technical Committee. As an OMG Domain Member, the OASIS is entitled to technical, business and marketing benefits including the ability to vote on technology adoptions in the Domain Technology Committee (DTC), Domain Task Forces (DTFs), Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and Subcommittees. In particular, OASIS can make technology submissions to the DTC Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

About The OMG

With the support of its membership of software vendors, software developers and end users, the OMG's CORBA is "The Middleware That' Everywhere." Since 1989, the OMG has been "Setting The Standards For Distributed Computing" through its mission to promote the theory and practice of object technology for the development of distributed computing systems. The goal is to provide a common architectural framework for object-oriented applications based on widely available interface specifications. The OMG is headquartered in Framingham, MA, USA and has international marketing offices in Bahrain, Brazil, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, India and the UK, along with a healthcare representative in Pelham, AL, USA and a U.S. government representative in Washington, DC, USA. Additionally, the OMG is a sponsor of Ziff-Davis Trade Shows and Conferences in this technology area.

For information on joining the OMG or additional information, please contact OMG headquarters by phone at +1-508-820 4300, by fax at +1-508-820 4303, or by email at The OMG provides current information and services for Distributed Object Computing through The Information Brokerage on the World Wide Web at and at


OASIS ( is a non-profit, international consortium dedicated solely to product-independent data and content interchange. Focusing on product interoperability, OASIS embraces the complete spectrum of structured information standards including XML, SGML and CGM. OASIS operates (, the first global XML industry portal featuring the Registry and Repository that offers automated public access to XML schemas for electronic commerce, business-to-business transactions, and tools and application interoperability. OASIS sponsors include Adobe Systems, AND-USA, Arbortext, Bentley Systems, Boeing, Chrystal Software, DataChannel, DMSi, Documentum, Dun & Bradstreet, Enigma, Extricity Software, GCA, IBM, Inso, InterCAP, Interleaf, Interwoven, ISOGEN, ITEDO, Keyfile, Larson Software, Microsoft, NextPage, NIST, Object Design, POET Software, Reed Technology, Reuters, Sabre, SoftQuad, Software AG, STEP, Sun Microsystems, Synthbank, System Development, Wavo, Xerox, XyEnterprise and Zeh Graphics Systems.

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive. See also the announcement from OMG: "Momentum Increases Behind CORBA and XML Integration. The OMG and OASIS Exchange Memberships."

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