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Novell Announces DirXML

Novell Provides First Directory Solution for Linking Business Data To Electronic Business Applications.

Novell Solution Brings All Data Together. Allows Rightful Owners to Control Information Using Industry Standard XML

OLYMPIC VALLEY, California. The Burton Group Catalyst 99 Conference, July 12, 1999.

Novell, Inc. today unveiled its solution for helping customers link business data for easy use in electronic business applications. At the Catalyst Conference, Novell demonstrated, for the first time, a new software solution called DirXML. Extending the capabilities of Novell Directory Services (NDS) 8, this new solution seamlessly links and manages all the places where business and network information is stored. This includes software applications, network operating systems, databases and network devices. This is the first solution based on a directory that not only brings all data together, but also keeps control of the information with the individual departments that own the data. DirXML will connect all data without the need to modify existing software, allowing companies to build on their existing technology investments.

Novell has received outstanding industry support for DirXML from partner companies including Bowstreet, Bulletproof Corporation, Compaq Computer Corporation, enCommerce Inc., Entrust Technologies Inc., HAHT Software, Intracus, ISOCOR, Netegrity, NetPro, Oblix Inc., Unimax Systems Corporation. Please refer to the accompanying quote sheet for details.

"DirXML is more than a standard meta-directory -- it eliminates the barrier between e-business and enterprise directories," said Christopher Stone, senior vice president of strategy and corporate development for Novell. "As opposed to existing offerings, Novell's DirXML uses XML to make it easy to support all data sources including ERP systems and meta-directory solutions from other vendors. Our goal is to connect all the data on the network to enable enterprise companies to expand their electronic business opportunities."

"Novell has taken a unique and innovative approach with its meta-directory solution," said Jamie Lewis, president of the Burton Group. "DirXML increases the number of roles NDS can play in an enterprise directory infrastructure by giving customers more flexibility when it comes to deployment. And because Novell used XML as a foundation element in its meta-directory architecture, customers and developers can also integrate directories and applications in important ways, leveraging NDS as a part of directory-enabled and e-business solutions."

A directory stores and manages user identity, network and application information on a computer network. According to the industry analyst firm The Burton Group, most large corporations have at least 100 directories and software applications where data is stored, including human resources databases, corporate e-mail address books, computer account databases and phone extension listings. Many of these applications contain the same information, causing administrators to duplicate efforts as they maintain the data integrity, consistency and accuracy of the various directories. DirXML will allow companies to automate business processes by sharing and reusing the common data between various application directories, saving time and money.


With DirXML, companies will be able to automate current business processes by storing their business data in the directory and allowing customers, partners and suppliers to access certain existing data based on security rights defined in the directory. DirXML makes it easy for companies to define which business data in their enterprise can be accessed by electronic business applications. Most importantly, DirXML gives e-business applications access to a rich set of business data and paves the way for a new generation of directory-based electronic business applications.

DirXML will go beyond connecting systems -- which is what typical meta-directories aim to do. Existing meta-directory products are immature, difficult to implement and often use proprietary connector technology. DirXML eliminates barriers between directories so companies can rely on NDS to manage relationships between all the information in the directory and electronic business applications. Customers and application developers will not be required to learn proprietary software programming languages to implement DirXML. Novell's solution allows each database owner, such as the human resources department, to maintain their database and keep the information secure and accurate.

Since DirXML is based on the widely adopted open industry standard eXtensible Markup Language (XML), it will be simple to implement, inexpensive to deploy and easy to integrate for application developers. XML is widely used as an Internet programming language for developing Web pages, and can also serve as a common language for network data, providing diverse applications with a common frame of reference. By utilizing XML, Novell's DirXML will enable companies to connect multiple databases and applications without the need to modify their existing software -- thereby getting the most out of their technology investments.


A beta-testing version of DirXML will be available for customers to evaluate in Q4 1999. The final product is expected to ship in 2000 and pricing will be announced at that time. The first version of DirXML will support Novell's NetWareO 5 and Microsoft NT operating system environments, with support for Sun Solaris and Linux platforms to follow soon after the initial release.

As with all new leading-edge directory-enabled solutions, Novell Consulting Services is available to help early adopters design and implement solutions based on NDS. Novell offers the directory expertise and training to help businesses integrate their networks with NDS through professional services provided by Novell Consulting Services, Novell Education, Novell Technical Services or any of Novell's qualified partners.

About Novell

Novell, Inc. is the world's leading provider of directory-enabled networking software. Novell solutions give businesses total control of their private networks and the Internet, simplifying the management of user access and identity. Novell's worldwide channel, consulting, developer, education and technical support programs are the most extensive in the network computing industry.

For information on Novell's complete range of products and services, contact Novell's Customer Response Center at 888-321-4CRC, ext. 4272, or visit Novell's Web site at

NOTE: Novell, NetWare and Novell Directory Services are registered trademarks and NDS is a trademark of Novell, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Industry Support for DirXML

Bowstreet "We're enthusiastic about Novell's announcement. The combination of Novell's technology for gathering authoritative business data with Bowstreet's Web Services Architecture makes it easy for corporations to build new, highly personalized Web-based applications. Bowstreet and Novell are working together so customers will quickly see the power of Web Services Architecture. Customers will find it much easier to build solid and reliable business applications." -- Jack Serfass, president and CEO, Bowstreet

BulletProof Corporation "With the ever increasing data consolidation that we are seeing due to Novell's NDS, the enterprise continues to become far easier to manage than ever before. We are extremely pleased that Novell has announced DirXML. Our customers will benefit greatly as they can not only consolidate their databases, but also push the responsibility for maintaining data to the correct person. Using NDS applications built with our tools, corporations can easily get the newly consolidated DirXML data all the way out to the end user using an intuitive browser based Java interface." -- Peter Muller, president, BulletProof Corporation

enCommerce Inc. "We applaud Novell's continued commitment to providing technologies that fully leverage varied enterprise information resources and by doing so, extend e-business application capabilities. We believe DirXML will greatly facilitate the data management capabilities of Internet-scale e-businesses implementing comprehensive solutions such as our getAccess secure portal management solution." -- Ed Forman, vice president of marketing, enCommerce, Inc.

Entrust Technologies Inc. "Novell's DirXML unleashes the information in the enterprise so that companies can maintain authoritative data sources while extending the reach of e-business applications. This powerful solution allows us to expand the use of our technology and provide the next generation of trusted e-business applications and services." -- Robert Heard, vice president of marketing and business development, Entrust Technologies Inc.

HAHT Software "Most businesses are nouveau dot-coms. They face the challenge of rapidly deploying e-business systems that leverage their existing IT infrastructure. Novell's DirXML delivers a unified, managed view of enterprise data, a perfect fit with our strategy of building on existing investments. HAHT will deliver XML structured data to DirXML from ERP, legacy, database and content systems." -- Rowland Archer, president and CEO, HAHT Software

Intracus "I welcome this expansion of Novell's directory strategy. Novell's DirXML brings forward the next tier of directory benefits, bringing business critical information more readily to the desktop. As a standards-based solution, it offers a sound foundation for companies such as Intracus to provide the next generation of directory-enabled applications and services." -- Richard Prout, CEO, Intracus

ISOCOR "Novell's DirXML unleashes the information in the enterprise so that companies can maintain authoritative data sources while extending the reach of e-commerce and business applications. This powerful solution allows us to expand the use of our MetaConnect product and deliver the next generation of e-commerce user and resource management." -- Karl Klessing, vice president of marketing and strategic alliances, ISOCOR

Netegrity "By supporting Novell's DirXML, SiteMinder extends its leadership in native directory integration and enables customers to more easily deploy secure e-commerce applications across heterogeneous directory environments. SiteMinder is the only secure user management solution that offers pure native integration with leading directories, and Netegrity is very pleased to be a part of this very important Novell announcement." -- Jim Rosen, vice president of marketing and business development, Netegrity

NetPro "Novell's DirXML will allow our mutual customers to extend the reach of business-critical applications like e-commerce because NDS can now serve as the authoritative data source for the enterprise. We are very happy to see the value of NDS increasing so rapidly with the introduction of powerful solutions like this, as it allows us to expand the use of our technology." -- Kent Purdy, director of product management, NetPro

Oblix, Inc. "Novell's DirXML unleashes the information in the enterprise so that companies can maintain authoritative data sources while extending the reach of e-business applications. This powerful solution will allow customers to realize the full potential of Oblix's e-user management solutions and deliver the next generation of e-business applications and services." -- Robert D. Drescher, vice president of marketing, Oblix, Inc.

Unimax Systems Corporation "Managing critical information for the PBX and messaging systems is our business. Missing from most enterprise directory systems is an accurate representation of current telephone number and voice mailbox address. With the convergence of voice and data, the accuracy of this information and the ability to modify it in a unified manner is critical to corporations. Novell's DirXML will provide a simpler way of tying together telephone extension information from our 2nd Nature database with a enterprise directory database of NDS." -- Paul Woods, vice president sales and marketing, Unimax Systems Corporation.

SOURCE: Novell, Inc.

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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