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Noonetime Announces the Creation and Immediate Availability of XML Xtract, E-Qualizer, and Redliner

Denver, CO. February 2000.

Noonetime, a full service provider of information management solutions, has announced three new effective software tools, internally created, that fill the gap between customer expectations and out-of-the-box vendor deliverables.

"We build these tools to address customer needs. They solve real-world problems as defined by our constituents," said Chris Ziener, Director of Noonetime.

XML Xtract is a Quark Xtension for the PC that takes advantage of the features - specifically character styles - of QuarkXPress 4.0. It converts Quark documents to XML and based on user selection will also create a corresponding XSL stylesheet and DTD. XML Xtract allows users to extract text from every text box in a QuarkXPress document all at once, with one click of a button. It also allows users to choose the boxes to extract, and bundles them into one document. XML Xtract exports the data as well-formed XML according to the style names within the XPress document.

e-qualizer is an affordable e-commerce solution for small to medium companies. It is a database-driven series of HTML and ASP pages specifically created to provide all the functionality of an expensive on-line store without the hassle, expense or time typically associated with the majority of the existing systems and approaches. Noonetime will customize the e-qualizer to work with the client's inventory and preferences.

RedLiner is a plug-in developed for FrameMaker that allows a user to turn on and off "track changes" from the menu bar. Once activated, all text additions made by the user turn green and become underlined, while all deletions are struck through and turned red. The user can turn off the tracking capabilities at any time preserving those changes that have been made. When all the modifications are complete, the user then has the ability to review all the changes that have been made, and either accept them all at once or review each one at a time and accept or reject the modification.

About Noonetime

Noonetime is a tenacious and energetic company that provides a blend of expertise in consulting and integration services to the electronic publishing industry. Noonetime conducts training in many of the industry tools and technologies. Noonetime also offers software and other industry-related products for sale and resale. All of these goods and services are of high quality and cost-effective in the effort to assure maximum value. For more information regarding Noonetime, visit the web site at or email any comments or questions to

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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