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Markup Technologies '99

Date:      Mon, 19 Apr 1999 16:41:00 -0400
From:      "B. Tommie Usdin" <>
Subject:   Call for Participation, Markup Technologies '99

Call for Participation

Markup Technologies '99 Conference

There is Nothing as Practical as a Good Theory

Markup Technologies will be a 3-day technical conference concentrating on the design, development, and deployment of markup and markup-related applications.

Subject matter will include the theoretical and the practical; talks will assume an audience well grounded in the basics of markup and familiar with SGML, XML, TeX, or some other formal markup language.

WHEN:    December 7-9, 1999
         Tutorials on December 5-6, 1999
         (Same time, same place as XML'99)

WHERE:   Pennsylvania Convention Center,
         Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

SPONSOR:    Graphic Communications Association (GCA)

WHAT:    Call for Peer Reviewers
         Call for Papers
         Call for Tutorials

HOW:     Submit **full papers** in SGML or valid XML
         according to the submission DTD.
         Guidelines for Submission and the DTDs are
         available by email:
         or at

(If you do not have access to the Web, cannot create
a **paper** in SGML, or have other questions, contact
Tommie Usdin by phone at +1 301/315-9631, or by fax
at +1 301/315-8285.)

     Tutorial Submission Deadline ... May 14, 1999
     Peer Review Applications Due ....May 28, 1999
     Paper Submission Deadline ......July 16, 1999
     Speakers Notified .........September 13, 1999
     Revised Papers Due ...........October 8, 1999
     Tutorials .................December 5-6, 1999
     MT'99 Conference ..........December 7-9, 1999

QUESTIONS: Email to or call
           Tommie Usdin +1 301/315-9631

MORE INFORMATION: For updated information on the
         program and plans for the conference, see

         For participation details, see

         To receive an Advance Program and Registration
         Information when they are available:
            Send email to
            Call the Graphic Communications Association at
                +1 703/519-8160


MT'99 will focus on technical issues relating to the design, development, and deployment of a variety of markup technologies including but not limited to SGML, XML, and related standards.

This conference provides a three-day forum for technical (sometimes highly technical) presentations, question and answer sessions, and informal discussions of markup, data-bases, query languages, schema issues, stylesheet languages and perhaps behavior sheets, and more.

Papers at Markup Technologies must address some aspect of markup from a theoretical or practical standpoint, consist of all new material, and be detailed and rigorous. All papers will be peer reviewed to ensure high quality and technical merit.


The Technical Committee of Markup Technologies seeks applicants to participate in the conference's Peer Review Panel. Peer Review Panel members will review several potential papers for the conference, suggesting whether the paper should be accepted, where in the conference it should be placed, and ways in which the presentation could be improved.

All papers will be sent to the Peer Reviewers without attribution, and any suggestions for improvements will be forwarded to the author without attribution. In other words, this will be a double-blind review process.

Peer Reviews play a key role in maintaining the quality and diversity of the presentations at a conference. If you have any questions about the Peer Review process or the role of members of the Peer review Panel please contact:

B. Tommie Usdin
Deborah A. Lapeyre
C. M. Sperberg-McQueen

If you are interested in participating in Markup Technologies as a Peer Reviewer, please complete the peer review application form at or contact


Paper presentations will be 30 minutes long, followed by 10 minutes for questions. Presentations must be content- or technically-oriented; product or service descriptions or advertisements are not appropriate. Case studies should focus on the problem(s) and approaches to solving them. No sales pitches will be tolerated. All papers will be submitted for blind review to a Peer Review Panel to aid in selection. Papers will be chosen based on technical merit, interest, applicability, and how well they fit a coherent and balanced technical program.

All presenters must agree to: Give their presentation and answer questions in English, Follow the Markup Technologies speaker and audio-visual guidelines, and Register for the conference.

One speaker discounted registration fee of $250 will be available for each paper, if the revised paper is received on schedule. All papers will be published in both the print and electronic conference proceedings.

Proposals to speak at Markup Technologies MUST be in the form of FULL PAPERS. This policy is different from many other GCA Conferences. Would-be speakers who submit abstracts without full papers will be rejected. Papers must be submitted in SGML or valid XML according to the Markup Technologies Paper DTD which is available in both SGML and XML forms at:


The DTD is heavily commented. Please read these comments - they are likely to answer many of your questions.


Markup Technologies tutorials may be one or two days long, and will be intended for a technical audience. Tutorials may be new, but we also welcome tutorials that have been given successfully elsewhere. Tutorial instructors will receive free registration for the full conference and a copy of the conference proceedings.

If you are interested in teaching a Tutorial at MT'99, please complete the tutorial application form at or contact

B. Tommie Usdin              
Mulberry Technologies, Inc.      
17 West Jefferson Street                           Phone: 301/315-9631
Suite 207                                    Direct Line: 301/315-9634
Rockville, MD  20850                                 Fax: 301/315-8285

Mulberry Technologies: A Consultancy Specializing in SGML and XML

DSSSList info and archive:

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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