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Miva Introduces Miva Commerce Server

Miva Corporation Introduces Miva Commerce Server to Provide Small To Medium Sized Businesses with Encompassing E-Commerce Solution

Provides Enterprises with Powerful Application Engine, Scripting Language and Electronic Storefront Development and Management System

SAN DIEGO, CA. April 5, 1999.

Miva Corporation, a leading provider of Web commerce software, today introduced the Miva Commerce Server, a complete e-commerce solution designed for small- to mid-sized enterprises to enable their Web servers with a powerful application engine, an XML-based scripting language and a browser-based electronic storefront development and management system. The product gives enterprises complete autonomy in the development, deployment and management of robust and scaleable commerce applications, data-driven Web sites and corporate Intranets.

The Miva Commerce Server is a fusion of the company's Miva Merchant v1.2 electronic storefront development and management system and its Miva Empresa v3.6 application engine and is available for the Windows NT and Cobalt RaQ2 platforms. In addition, Miva Corporation has developed a customized installer for the Cobalt RaQ2 platform allowing for ten-second installation of the product for RaQ2 customers.

"Mid-size enterprises can now easily create, deploy and manage their own commerce sites and provide their customers, suppliers and partners with access to online catalogs, specific product data and other important information," says Miva Corporation Founder and President, Joe Austin.

The Miva Commerce Server includes an application engine and enables enterprises with Miva Script, an XML-based scripting language currently used by more than 25,000 developers. Once the Miva Commerce Server has been plugged into a Web server, Miva Script files, identified by specific extensions, are automatically parsed and deployed by the engine. In addition, the electronic storefront development and management system included with the product enables non-technical users to create and manage customized commerce sites in a point-and-click interface and offers advanced developers the ability to manipulate application source code (Miva Script) to author complex, highly customized commerce sites.

Miva Commerce Server Features and Benefits

The application engine included with the Miva Commerce Server is based on a standards-orientated architecture, allowing for seamless integration with other software using industry standard protocols and interfaces. The robust application engine allows for multiple user configuration, sandboxed execution, performance tuning and virtual domain setup.

Included with the application engine is access to Miva Script. This popular language, currently used by more than 25,000 developers, gives developers access to advanced commerce and database features in a familiar environment that consists of HTML-like tags. Because Miva Script uses tag-based syntax in the active document, HTML users can easily build cross-platform, active, server-side applications without the burden of in-depth training. The function orientated Miva Script has been defined using an XML Document Type Definition (DTD) and implements a robust set of programming features including database access, Internet protocol integration and commerce processing interfaces.

The electronic storefront development and management application included with the Miva Commerce Server is organized as a series of modules that can be field upgraded to provide new functionality without any changes to the core application. The application's architecture lets third party developers prepare and market specialized look and feel, payment processing, fulfillment, currency, reporting, sales tax, data integration and shipping modules. In addition, developers have the option of using the application to build storefronts offline before moving them to a Miva-enabled Web server.

The electronic storefront development and management application includes the following features:

  • Nestable hierarchical categories

  • Online Credit card authorization

  • Extensive boolean product searching

  • Multiple and unlimited shipping methods

  • Database driven, modular architecture

  • SSL integration for ordering and reporting

  • API-based replaceable modules

  • Mall administrator can setup multiple stores

  • Multiple and unlimited sales tax setup

  • File upload of images and products

  • Automatic online UPS shipping calculations

  • Configurable currency layout

Pricing and Availability

Currently available, a license for the Miva Commerce Server can be purchased for $795 to enable one CPU with a single domain. Additional licenses can be purchased for $495 per domain and CPU for enterprises that want to operate multiple commerce sites under separate domains. Additional storefronts within each domain can be purchased for $100. The software can be purchased directly from Miva's Web site ( or from selected VARs and resellers.

About Miva Corporation

Founded in 1996, Miva Corporation (formerly Htmlscript Corporation) is a leading provider of systems for business users to create and manage commerce sites and data driven Web sites using only a Web browser. The company's products are open and allow developers to script sites using the popular XML-based scripting language, Miva Script. Since its inception, Miva Corporation has provided its customers with easy-to-use technology that scales to tens of thousands of virtual domains per system.


For more information, contact:

Miva Corporation
2629 Ariane Dr.
San Diego, Calif. 92117
Phone: 619-490-2570
Fax: 619-490-0548
Web site:

Miva is a registered trademark of Miva Corporation. Miva Merchant, Miva Empresa and Miva Script are trademarks of Miva Corporation.

SOURCE: Miva Corporation

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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