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New DSSSL Interpreter Packaging

Date:    Thu, 21 Jan 1999 01:00:59 -0500
From:    Didier PH Martin <>
To:      DSSSL mailing list <>
Subject: New dsssl interpreter packaging


I integrated Jade into our product named the "document explorer". The document explorer add-on is named the SGMLKit and is based on James Clark engine. You can download the beta version at:

To run the SGMLKit you need the Document explorer which can be downloaded from the same place.


  • can output only rtf in the document viewer. If word is on your machine, word is used to display "inplace" the resultant rtf document. otherwise, if the Word viewer is present, the latter render "in place" the rtf document in the doc viewer.

  • works only with local file system (Novell, NT, etc...) cannot download and transform document form the web. We have a showstopper with Microsoft lack of documentation about their MIME filters (as usual ;-), we are working on a workaround to fix this limitation.


  • the document explorer is a two pane window. the left pane show workspaces or hierarchies of folders and files (like explorer but show folders and files not only folders. files displayed in the hierarchy based on their MIME type. You can set the MIME type filter with a property pages. Thus, to display SGML documents under a folder, you set the Sgm/sgml types in the MIME filter). The right pane is the document viewer. when you select a folder in the tree, the folder's content is displayed in the docview pane, when you select a document (like a sgml document) in the tree, the document is rendered in the docview. both the frame and the docview are Microsoft explorer. We are working on a new frame and on the integration of netscape new rendering engine (You'll be able to display a HTML document either with explorer or mozilla just by a context menu selection on the document).

  • Each transformed document is stored in the system cache (same cache as the browser), thus, if you select a sgml document and that it is transformed into a rtf document. the resultant document is stored in the cache. the next time you select the same document, if it is in the system cache, this later is displayed instead. Tell me if this feature is useful.

  • You can associate a command line template to a doctype. this allows you to set Jade variables for a category of documents. The system detect the doctype and check for a template commend line. if found. it uses this template to active jade. This feature allows you to transform a class of documents (all documents with the same doctype) with a script without having to explicitely include the <?stylesheet...> Processing instruction.

  • the system automatically detect if the document is a xml document and set accordingly jade parameters like setting or not doc validation is a doc type is included or not. The XML dcl is automatically set and the xml flag set for Jade. if not doctype is present, jade is set with the -wno-valid flag. The XML catalog is automatically set.

  • the system detect if the document is unicode or not and set automatically jade environment variables.

  • if the DSSSL script result with error outputs, these are displayed in the docview (a simple text display now, but I'm working on a HTML output)

  • A context menu is associated to sgml document (the same one as you have in your shell). A new edit fonction is added to the menu and allows to edit the SGML document with wordpad for quickfix. Later version will allow to set the editor of your choice. I choosed wordpad because the latest version is both unicode and ansi. I testing it with Jon Bosak japonese doc.

I hope this kit can be useful. The idea behind this project is to build an integrated environment for document processing and rendering. Next release (soon) will allows HTML rendering both with mozilla or Microsoft docview with a simple context menu selection (both will be displayed in the same area, no overlap windows). I'll also provide html transformation on top of rtf (I got problems with the docview object with html but I am testing the fix now). I am working on a WMF backend to transform directly in GDI to improve the display speed and rendering latitude especially for Hytime.

If you want to send me feedback or bug report, you can reach me at:


Didier PH Martin


DSSSList info and archive:

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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