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DynaBase Selected by Quantum

Inso's DynaBase Web Content Management and Publishing Platform Selected by Quantum Corporation for Enterprise-Wide Web Publishing Initiative

Inso Becomes Strategic Technology Supplier to Quantum

BOSTON, MA. January 18, 1999.

Inso Corporation today announced that Quantum Corporation has selected Inso as a strategic technology supplier and has licensed Inso's Extensible Markup Language (XML)-based DynaBase Web content management and publishing platform. Quantum, the world's leading maker of desktop hard disk drives and DLTtape drives, is implementing DynaBase in an enterprise-wide project to migrate a variety of loosely linked Internet, intranet, and extranet Web sites around the globe into a single environment that provides customized online capabilities for stakeholders inside and outside the enterprise.

The primary goals for Quantum's new online environment are to allow Internet and intranet users to more easily access the information they need, and to create a more efficient storage and authentication system that ensures greater organization and security for the creation and retrieval of information.

"Quantum's online users -- such as OEMs, distributors, suppliers, end- users, investors and employees -- have rapidly growing and increasingly complex needs," says Jennifer Maher, director of E-Business at Quantum. "Inso's DynaBase will enable us to create the internal processes and online infrastructure required to support those needs. It will also provide an integrated online environment that is flexible, capable of growing with our business and that will help us achieve our goal of reliability -- which ranges from products to online interactions within the company."

"Because data that drives customization is typically scattered throughout an organization, offering a truly customized experience requires integration of multiple internal processes and departments," said Mary Laplante, partner in Fastwater LLP, a research and consulting firm that helps companies measure the success of their Web businesses. "An enterprise-wide publishing system facilitates that integration, and so becomes strategic to customized business interactions. Inso's products and technology will enable Quantum to create real competitive advantage."

Quantum is integrating DynaBase with getAccess, an enterprise authentication software package from EnCommerce, Inc. for securely managing Web access control throughout the enterprise. Together, DynaBase and getAccess will provide Quantum with an easy-to-use environment that includes a single Web sign-on and user-profiling system, as well as a robust content management and publishing system designed to deliver targeted information to the appropriate people.

"Inso and EnCommerce's innovative products have allowed us to begin quickly implementing an integrated solution that will give our internal and external stakeholders easy access to information online, while providing secure access to protected resources," said Quantum CIO, Hank Delevati.

The new environment will customize the process of creating, approving, and publishing content online, and will speed the process of distributing authorized information. All users, including business partners, content owners, in-house developers, customers, and stakeholders, will enter a valid password for access to a unique group of authorized areas that match their profile and privileges.

"From a productivity standpoint, internal customers are excited about a single environment where content can be created, approved, maintained, and presented online without additional development efforts by Information Services," said Melanie Weber, Information Services manager, Strategic Development, at Quantum.

"We are extremely pleased that Quantum recognizes the value that Inso technology brings to the enterprise," said Kim Shah, Inso vice president of Strategic Market Development. "By naming Inso as a strategic technology supplier and by utilizing DynaBase as the platform for its new global online environment, Quantum reinforces Inso's strength as a business partner and our ability to provide competitive advantage to the 'Global 2000' though world- class technology and business solutions."

For corporations who need to ensure their online capabilities are manageable, reliable, scalable and secure, DynaBase is an integrated content management and publishing platform that supports the next generation of Web applications. Unlike competitive content management systems which are rigid and costly to operate, DynaBase is a flexible, open platform that uses XML to support any type of content, authoring tool, and workflow within mission critical Web publishing environments.

Inso Corporation is a leading global provider of electronic publishing and content management tools for critical business information. With Inso's Enterprise Information Platform, organizations gain an integrated system for managing, distributing, publishing, and continually updating their intellectual property. Inso's award-winning technology enables large corporations to exchange, publish, and deploy all types of information, from the simplest memo to the most complex multimedia document. For more information, visit the Inso Web site at

Founded in 1980, Quantum Corporation ( is a diversified mass storage company with leadership positions in both fixed and removable storage markets. Quantum is the highest volume global supplier of hard disk drives for personal computers, a leading supplier of high capacity hard drives and the worldwide revenue leader among all classes of tape drives. The company sells a broad range of storage products to OEM and distribution customers worldwide. Quantum's sales for the fiscal year ending March 1998 were $5.8 billion.

Inso, the Inso logo, and DynaBase are trademarks or registered trademarks of Inso Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other company, product, or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

SOURCE: Inso Corporation

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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