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ICE Receives Seybold Award

ICE (Information & Content Exchange) Standard Heralded as 'Technology Trailblazer' in Field of Web Publishing by Seybold Editors' Awards

XML-Based Protocol Praised as a 'Significant Step Forward for Those Trying To Automate the Distribution of Content on the Web'

AUSTIN, Texas. March 15, 1999.

The ICE Authoring Group today announced that ICE (Information & Content Exchange) has won a Seybold Editor's Award in the field of Web publishing. Announced in March 1999, the 1998 Seybold Editor's Awards recognize products, technologies and companies that have already made a notable impact, or are likely to have a substantial effect, on the future of online and print publishing. ICE is designed to significantly reduce the cost of online business by providing the standard to build Internet value or trading networks, such as syndicated publishing networks, Web superstores and online reseller channels. Acknowledged by the W3C, the complete ICE submission request, submitted materials, and W3C team comment is available at

"There is no shortage of proposed standards for the Internet. But in 1998 there was one that was significant. The Information and Content Exchange (ICE) protocol is an XML-based mechanism for automating the flow of digital content between business partners. A combination of industry-specific DTDs and transport-level protocols that incorporate business logic, the ICE specification is a significant step forward for those trying to automate the distribution of content on the Web," reads the Seybold Editor's Awards profile of ICE.

"The ICE Authoring Group and Advisory Council are extremely pleased to receive this recognition," said Brad Husick, vice president of Syndication Networks at Vignette and chairman of the ICE marketing subcommittee. "We are particularly honored because XML itself won this Seybold award last year. Our next step with ICE is to ensure that the protocol is widely adopted by vendors and customers alike, and continue to innovate within ICE along lines that are useful for real businesses."

ICE Authoring Group members include Adobe Systems Inc., CNET, Microsoft, National Semiconductor, News Internet Services, Sun Microsystems, Tribune Media Services, and Vignette Corporation. The ICE Authoring group has selected the GCA (Graphic Communications Association) to be the host organization for ICE group meetings and events. A volunteer non-profit membership association, Graphic Communications Association (GCA) was formed in 1966 to apply computer technology to printing, publishing, and related industries. GCA developed and fosters the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), from which the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) are derived. GCA is a worldwide organization with over 350 member organizations and tens of thousands of individuals who participate in training programs, conferences, standards development committees, and technical studies. No other organization brings such a diverse pool of competitors, customers, and suppliers together to better the information technologies industry. GCA also hosts several W3C working groups.

More Information About ICE

ICE is a protocol designed to significantly reduce the cost of doing networked business online and increase the value of business relationships by facilitating the controlled exchange and management of electronic assets between networked partners and affiliates. The ICE specification provides businesses with an XML-based common language and architecture that will facilitate the process of automatically exchanging, updating, supplying and controlling assets, such as content without manual packaging or knowledge of remote Web site structures. For businesses, ICE will make it easier to build value chains from suppliers to distributors to end-users. For consumer Web sites, end users benefit from more complete and easier to use Web destinations that reduce the frustration of having to surf through many inadequate, narrowly focused Web sites in order to find what they need.

ICE Advisory Council Members

The ICE Advisory Council members were instrumental in reviewing the ICE specification during its creation. Members of the ICE Advisory Council include: 3Com; @Work Technologies, Inc.; Abilon, Inc.; Active Research, Inc.; Allaire Corp; Andromedia; Bay Networks; BT Laboratories; Cascade Systems; ChannelWare; Chicago Tribune, CKS; ClickShare Service Corp.; CNN; Commercial Dynamics PTY Ltd.; Content-X; CSC; Current Analysis, Inc.; DataChannel; Documentum, Inc.; Dominion Digital Inc.; Dun & Bradstreet; Eggheads GmbH; Engage Technologies; Epicentric, Inc., Fujitsu Limited; Future Tense; Helsinki University of Technology; Hewlett-Packard; Hoover's Inc.; I-3 Telecom, Inc.; iCat Corp.; ICL; Imark Technologies, Inc.; Inso; Inteco, GmbH; Interactive Bureau; International Reading Assc; Intershop Communications, Inc.; Intranet 2001, Inc.; Junglee Corp.; Look Smart; Lumeria, Inc.; Magnifi, Inc.; Media Asset Management Group; Mosby; Motorola, Internet & Networking Group; NC Focus; National Computer Board of Singapore (NCB); OnDisplay; Opass Inc.; PA News; Paper Space Publishing Technologies; PC World; Personify; Perspecta, Inc.; Pointcast, Inc.; PostalWorks LLC; Random House, Inc.; REMAP Corp.; Renaissance Engineering, Inc.; Reuters NewMedia; Samsung Info Systems America; Seybold Publications; ShiftKey Software, Inc.; Softcom, Inc.; StarWave; TestDrive, Inc.; TheStreet.Com; TopTier Software, Inc.; USWeb Corp.; VEO Systems Inc.; Verano; Vertical Holdings, Inc.; Vtopia, Inc.; XML Solutions, LLC, Xenosys Corp. and others.

SOURCE: Vignette Corporation

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive. See "Information and Content Exchange (ICE) Protocol" for related information.

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