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Hynet Unveils Major Upgrade to Hynet Directive

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California. June 22, 1999.

Hynet Technologies today announced the availability of Hynet Directive 2.5, a major upgrade to Hynets XML publishing system for transforming static document files into dynamic, reusable information components for publishing to the Web, print and CD-ROM. The new features of version 2.5 make Hynet Directive the ideal system for producing Dynamic Customer Content (DCC) on the fly that can be delivered to specific target audiences.

According to Daniel Chang, president and founder of Hynet Technologies, Directive 2.5s ability to produce key business content tailored for a wide variety of audiences provides the publishing infrastructure for organizations wanting to engage in one-to-one marketing activities or to provide business partners with fully customized content over the Web. As the Web becomes the primary medium for conducting business, organizations are looking for publishing systems capable of presenting tailored business and marketing information to their various target audiences, said Chang. By allowing users to create reusable information units (IUs) that can be automatically combined in any way, Hynet Directive 2.5 is a critical component of an overall one-to-one marketing solution. Using Hynet Directive 2.5, IUs also can be combined with standard structured database content such as account information, expanding the range of information that can be easily published electronically and facilitating one-to-one marketing efforts. By combining content from a wide variety of sources, Directive 2.5 allows organizations, for example, to convert traditional documentation to Web-based technical support, or to transform engineering documents into manufacturing specifications. Leading financial institutions, high-tech companies and semiconductor manufacturers are already using Hynet Directive to convert static documents into reusable IUs and publish tailored information to a wide variety of audiences electronically.

Hynet Directive 2.5 is a single-sourcing system that accepts as inputs a wide variety of data types and outputs content to many formats quickly and easily. Directive 2.5 allows organizations to import virtually any data type including XML, SGML, and HTML, as well as Adobe FrameMaker, WordPerfect and Microsoft Word document content into the Directive XML publishing repository. Within the Hynet Directive publishing repository, data is stored as reusable information units (IUs) that can be combined to create customized content. By tailoring the metadata that describes the IUs, Directive 2.5 gives users the flexibility to determine which IUs are to be delivered to which audiences.

Hynet Directive 2.5 also includes a transformation engine that can output information to XML, HTML, Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe PDF formats. Hynets use of XML combined with Directives point-and-click functionality lets users easily generate multiple electronic publications or develop custom content to be delivered over the Web from within one integrated publishing environment.

Hynet Directive 2.5 provides the ability to mix and match content in any type of format-including structured database content-and export it to virtually any other format, added Chang. Many organizations have been looking for exactly what Directive 2.5 delivers-a single-sourcing tool that can dramatically reduce the cost and time associated with publishing dynamic, tailored content from multiple source documents.

Founded in 1995, Hynet Technologies provides leading financial institutions, high-tech companies and semiconductor manufacturers with a powerful, easy-to-use solution for publishing dynamic, reusable information to the Web and CD-ROM. With Hynet Directive, organizations can deliver customized content to meet the needs of their diverse customer base, improve knowledge sharing, increase productivity and reduce the operational costs associated with distributing information. For more information, please contact a Hynet sales representative at (650) 637-8398, send an email to or visit us on the Internet at


Thomas Gafford
Hynet Technologies
1927 Landings Drive
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: +1 (650) 637-8398 ext.370
Mobil: +1 (650) 208-1151

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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