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gXML - Open Exchange of E-business Schemas

Date:       Tue, 30 Mar 1999 14:39:04 -0800
From:       Kevin Benedict <kevinb@EDIFECS.COM>
Subject:    gXML (EDI Implementation Guidelines in XML)

gXML - Open Exchange of E-business Schemas.

An open XML based model for storing schemas and achieving interoperability between schema consuming applications.

Bellevue, WA. March 15, 1999.

Edifecs Commerce, the leader in EDI and electronic commerce modeling and collaboration tools, announced the immediate availability of Guideline XML (gXML) for the open exchange of electronic commerce guidelines. Guideline XML is a file structure that allows the open exchange of electronic commerce guidelines, otherwise known as EDI Transaction Sets / Messages and Schemas. Guideline XML (gXML) is the world's first XML standards-based exchange format specifically designed to simplify the integration of EDI translators, validation engines, forms builders, and specification tools.

"The gXML specification makes a real contribution to electronic commerce. It provides a means for companies to publish their EDI specifications database directly to the Web and thus make them more readily available to trading partners," said Alan Kotok, Administrator of the XML-EDI Group and Vice-President of Graphic Communications Association. "Following the XML/EDI Guidelines ensures their compliance with standards-based solutions."

Edifecs is working with major industry solution providers and standards bodies to evolve gXML and make it a standard. Guidelines for ATA and CompTIA, EDIFACT, and X12 are available for immediate download in gXML from gXML is also supported in Edifecs SpecBuilder 3.6 guideline creation and model suite.

EDI Tool Integration

Guideline XML was first and foremost designed to be simple; each document is completely self-contained and follows the logical structure of the message to be exchanged. As a result, vendors standardizing on gXML can load schemas directly into their e-business products and users can open and edit guidelines directly in a web browser or XML editor. As an increasing number of applications publish their XML-based interfaces, gXML can be used to convert those schemas into products like mappers, schema editors, and validators.

"Edifecs Commerce is very excited about releasing gXML," states Sunny Singh, CEO of Edifecs. "In the e-business/EDI world today, there is a lot of duplication of effort in defining guidelines. Industry groups, companies and trading partners are all redoing the same work. gXML offers a standard for exchanging schemas that can automatically be imported into gXML compliant products thus eliminating the need for re-creating schemas manually."

Kevin R. Benedict
International Channel Manager
Edifecs Commerce
Phone: USA +1 425-895-3038
Fax: USA +1 425-895-3021
2340 130th Avenue NE
Suite 200
Bellevue WA 98005 USA
Edifecs Commerce develops software tools for EDI professionals...

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Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive. For references to the gXML draft specification and the DTD, see "Guideline XML (gXML)."

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