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Glyphica Launches New WebDAV Server

Glyphica Launches New WebDAV Server

Glyphica's WebDAV Server Enables Cross-Platform Authoring of, Collaboration on Documents over the Internet

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California.  May 03, 1999.

Glyphica, a leader in the corporate portal market, today announced the
availability of its new WebDAV (Distributed Authoring and Versioning)

Until now, Web-based content management systems and application
servers used their own proprietary methods for managing a remote
site. Glyphica's WebDAV server is compliant with the WebDAV protocol,
which defines a set of HTTP-based protocols for authoring, management,
collaboration and versioning of documents over the Web.

WebDAV has considerable backing from Microsoft. Microsoft Internet
Explorer 5.0 and all Microsoft Office 2000 applications are WebDAV
clients. Glyphica's WebDAV Server in conjunction with Internet
Explorer 5.0 make it possible for users to drag-and-drop documents
from their desktop to Glyphica's document repository.

The documents are automatically indexed, versioned and fully
searchable over the Internet through PortalWare. Office 2000 users can
check out a document from Glyphica's WebDAV server, modify it and save
a new version to the server -- all from within the Office 2000

Glyphica's WebDAV server, available for licensing, is a key component
of future generations of the company's PortalWare product
suite. Glyphica is one of the first companies to ship a solution
supporting WebDAV.

``I'm thrilled that Glyphica has announced their commercial WebDAV
server solution,'' said Jim Whitehead, chair of the WebDAV working
group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

``WebDAV makes the Web a collaborative, writeable medium. WebDAV makes
it possible for Web users wherever they are -- whether separated by
two companies or two continents -- to write, edit and save shared
documents without messing up each other's work. Because WebDAV and
HTTP can accommodate all kinds of content, WebDAV can be used just as
easily to collaboratively work on a word processing document,
spreadsheet, an image file or a Web page.''

Glyphica anticipates demand for its WebDAV Server among PortalWare
customers and potential licensees, such as Unix-based server vendors
wanting to offer their customers an easy, transparent way to map Unix
file systems on Windows.

Glyphica is also developing WebDAV client software modules that can be
integrated with desktop application products from other vendors to
enable them to support this protocol for their customers.

Glyphica's PortalWare allows business managers to rapidly deploy
business portals for managing, delivering and collaborating on
business-critical documents through a browser. Key functionality
includes the following:

--   One button extranet capability for instantly creating secure,
     personalized extranets for building one-to-one relationships with
     customers and partners

--   Server-side printing for single or batch printing to any network
     printer, even remotely o Content intelligence and reporting tools
     for measuring the efficacy and usage of the portal's content and
     better responding to users' preferences and needs

--   Document conversion from many file formats and paper to fully
     searchable, compact PDF files

--   Workflow and search agent technologies for the review and
     approval processes and notification of new information

--   Powerful full-text and metadata search tools with
     hit-highlighting for precise search results

--   Version and access controls for securing content, preserving
     previous versions and preventing users collaborating on the same
     document from inadvertently overwriting each other's changes

--   Document viewing inside a browser with complete visual fidelity

--   Quick and easy deployment without programming. Remote
     configuration and management of the system through a browser

Adding WebDAV compliance to PortalWare will enable customers to
navigate through any WebDAV-compliant server and view the server as if
it resides on their local file system. Users can also add new content
to their business portal without launching the PortalWare system.

In other words, a user working on a Microsoft Office document can
``Save as'' directly to their corporate portal without exiting the
Office program. They can also drag and drop files from their local
file system or a remote WebDAV-compliant server directly into their

``Part of our differentiation in the corporate portal space -- and the
reason we have emerged as a market leader -- is our focus on helping
companies serve audiences inside and outside of their organizations,''
said Daryoush Paknad, Glyphica co-founder and CTO.

``Our WebDAV-compliant products enable companies to better serve their
customers and employees, no matter what computing platform their customers
use. And our support for WebDAV continues our commitment to technology
innovation and leadership, and underscores our complete adoption of Web

Glyphica's WebDAV Server software runs on Windows NT and Solaris
operating systems. For more information on licensing Glyphica's WebDAV
Server, contact Moni Schlotter at 650/567-1067 or

WebDAV Background 

WebDAV is a set of extensions to HTTP 1.1 and a proposed standard. The
WebDAV specification is available at Further
information on WebDAV can be found at the WebDAV Resources site at

About Glyphica and PortalWare 

Glyphica's PortalWare makes it easy for companies to automatically create
personalized extranets, print documents remotely via the Web, immediately
convert existing documents and data into Web content, and manage and
communicate targeted, business-critical information to customers, partners and
employees over the Internet. 

As a visionary leader in the market, Glyphica's PortalWare solutions
help organizations build and sustain business portal sites that
collapse sales cycles, increase productivity, improve decision making
and better serve customers.

PortalWare helps organizations build and sustain corporate portal
sites to quickly and securely communicate very targeted information
over the Internet, intranets and extranets. Specifically designed to
be used by the non-technical, line-of-business professional,
PortalWare automates the most burdensome portions of building and
sustaining a portal site and provides complete content management

PortalWare takes all of a business' critical documents and information
-- including paper-based or electronic documents and data -- and
allows business teams to immediately deliver it via personalized
extranets and intranets. It also provides a way for critical
information to be communicated back to the organization, providing
immediate feedback and increased efficiencies in business processes.

Portals built with PortalWare make content deployment efficient and
elegant while providing information seekers with a way to quickly
access information and tools to help information find relevant

Glyphica, founded in 1996, is based in Mountain View,
Calif. Glyphica's cornerstone product suite, PortalWare, allows
businesses to rapidly deploy corporate portals for delivering
business-critical information via the Internet to customers, partners
and employees. The company also provides professional and content
production services.

Glyphica is financed by Adobe Ventures and through revenues generated
from its more than 60 customers. Glyphica's customers include Alza,
Amateur Athletic Foundation (Olympic archives), Ascend Communications,
Burson-Marsteller, Chevron, Claremont Graduate University (Peter
F. Drucker archives), Epson, Execustaff, The Gap , Hambrecht & Quist,
JBL/Harman, Metropolitan Life, Miller Freeman, United Airlines, Raco,
Stanford University, Wells Fargo, World Bank, and other leading

For more information, contact Glyphica at +1 650/428-1800 or visit


     Renee Dorrell, 650/567-1019
     Angela Austin, 650/567-1066

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive. See also the announcement on the Glyphica server.

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