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The EDGARspace Portal

Internet Pioneers Build a Better EDGAR Using XML

New Web Service Delivers Dramatically Improved Searches of SEC Filings With the First XML-based Financial Information System

WASHINGTON. September 16, 1999.

Invisible Worlds, a San Francisco-based startup company headed by a team of Internet veterans responsible for many of the most significant innovations and standards behind the Internet, today unveiled the EDGARspace(TM) portal, a new Web service that delivers dramatically refined searches of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) EDGAR filings.

"The EDGARspace service is the first glimpse into the way XML-based Internet information systems will work in the future," said Invisible Worlds' CEO and Chairman Carl Malamud, who first put EDGAR on the Internet five years ago. "For the first time, you can reach inside EDGAR filings for gems of knowledge that were previously buried in text and also rise above the immense collection of documents to make sense of broad searches."

The EDGARspace portal, one of the largest XML-based (Extensible Markup Language) information systems ever developed, demonstrates the potential of this new Web standard by giving investment, financial and research professionals better ways to search for and find information that had been difficult to obtain.

A trial version of the EDGARspace service is available free to the public at for the next 90 days. It will then be available by subscription. Some features will remain free.

Key features of the EDGARspace portal:

  • SEC filings are enhanced using industry-standard XML to tag key information. For example, a search can target all insider-trading reports within an investor's portfolio, or look for Initial Public Offerings within a particular industry segment. Invisible Worlds' high-performance data-mining tools make the enhanced documents available within moments of when the information is distributed by the SEC.

  • EDGARspace supports a variety of user interfaces, from Web forms to powerful visualization and analytical tools. Applications such as Microsoft Excel. or investment software can download key pieces of information, filling in fields with data from SEC filings for immediate comparison and profiling - no searching, cutting and pasting.

  • EDGARspace organizes search results with XML "meta-information," making large result sets more manageable. Complex search results can be organized by any type of meta-information, such as filing type, document section, industry code, date or company name.

  • Unlike the raw SEC filings, EDGARspace documents can be printed in easy-to-read formats.

A World-Class Development Team of Internet Visionaries

The Invisible Worlds management team, development team and advisory board is comprised of visionaries who pioneered many of the projects and standards that made the Internet possible. The company's Chief of Protocol, lead developer of its server technology, is Marshall T. Rose, inventor of over 60 internet and e-mail standards, including POP, the Post Office Protocol. The company's Protocol Advisory Board includes Paul Mockapetris, inventor of the Domain Name Service (DNS); Paul Vixie, author of BIND, the software that runs the DNS; Danny Goodman, the world's leading authority on dynamic HTML; Dr. David Clark, widely considered one of the "fathers of the Web"; Dave Crocker, principal architect of MCI mail; and Dr. Stephen Deering, lead designer of the new version of the Internet Protocol, IPv6, inventor of IP multicast.

The board of directors includes Tim O'Reilly, president of the computer book publisher O'Reilly and Associates; Rick Adams, founder of UUCom; and Gary Reischel, Executive Managing Director of Softbank; Malamud and Rose.

World-Class Hosting Means High Performance and Reliability

The EDGARspace portal is based on Invisible Worlds' SpaceServer(TM) distributed XML servers, which supply world-class performance and reliability via a highly scalable architecture. More than two terabytes (2,000 gigabytes) of disk are on-line with arrays of servers located in Redwood City, Calif. and in the facilities of UUCOM, Inc. in Alexandria, Va.

About Invisible Worlds

San Francisco-based Invisible Worlds was founded in August 1998 by Internet visionaries Carl Malamud and Marshall Rose to change the way people find and use information on the Web. The EDGARspace portal is the first of many solutions that will be deployed using Invisible Worlds' technology. The company is privately held and is funded by Softbank, El Dorado Ventures, New Millennium Partners and private investors.

EDGARspace and SpaceServer are trademarks of Invisible Worlds Inc. Microsoft Excel is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.


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Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive. See the main database entry, "EDGARspace Portal."

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