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ebXML Interoperability

Cross Industry ebXML Interoperability Flourishes

12 Leading Vendors participate in ebXML Message Service Testing

Austin, Texas, USA. October 1, 2002.

Drummond Group, Inc. (DGI), a vendor neutral consultancy and leader in software interoperability testing, today announced the launch of the second ebXML messaging interoperability test with twelve participating vendors. The test is sponsored under the Uniform Code Council Inc. Interoperability Compliance Program and uses the Drummond Group Interoperability Compliance Processes. The testing is being done for ebXML Message Service specification v 2.0, which is the most current version. Participating organizations include bTrade, inc., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Cyclone Commerce, eXcelon Corporation, Fujitsu Limited, Global eXchange Services, IPNet Solutions, Inc., Sun Microsystems, Sybase, Inc., Sterling Commerce, TIBCO Software Inc. and XML Global Technologies, Inc. Sun Microsystems funded testing scholarships for several of the participants.

The ebXML messaging specification is endorsed by numerous industries and industry consortia. "Interoperability in the ebXML messaging layer is critical to the growth and adoption of ebXML overall," said Vic Zappia, chairman of STAR. "The Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR), comprised of companies supporting retail automotive operations, is pleased to see the growing number of companies participating in this effort. This is important to our members, as it means that they have a growing list of interoperable ebXML supportive products from which they can choose. We applaud the efforts of the Uniform Code Council and Drummond Group in their initiative to raise the level of interoperability in the marketplace."

"ebXML Messaging is one of the few non-proprietary business quality messaging systems available which offers secure, consistent conveyance of all forms of digital information between businesses on Internet," says Rik Drummond, CEO of DGI. " This will allow companies in supply chains to have a choice in products which has historically not been the case. This is the harbinger of a new world in supply chain implementations, one without the historic lock-in to one or two vendor products."

"Our global customers, particularly those in healthcare, government and manufacturing, are asking for ebXML supporting solutions with proven interoperability," said Ed Julson, group marketing manager, industry alliances and standards, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "In order to help promote a flourishing market of interoperable products and meet customer demand, Sun is pleased to have been able to provide scholarships for several vendors to participate in the Drummond Group's tests."

ebXML Messaging v 2.0 is a key international standard that enables secure and reliable messaging in a Web service model. ebXML Message Service v 2.0 facilitates the secure transmission of transaction data from one party to another either directly or through intermediaries, such as e-marketplaces and exchanges.

Drummond Group Inc. had earlier this year donated their ebXML Messaging v 2.0 test suites from the first round of testing to jumpstart the efforts of the OASIS ebXML Implementation, Interoperability and Conformance Technical Committee (IIC). The IIC has been working diligently this year to develop a broad set of guidelines and conformance specifications to ensure that ebXML interoperability across industries exists on a global scale.

See also the earlier announcement: "ebXML Messaging V2.0 Interoperability Test Starts June 2002 -- Call for Participation. Drummond Group and the OASIS ebXML IIC Coordinate the Use of the Test Suite."]

About ebXML

ebXML, sponsored by UN/CEFACT and OASIS, is a modular suite of specifications that enables enterprises of any size and in any geographical location to conduct business over the Internet. Using ebXML, companies now have a standard method to exchange business messages, conduct trading relationships, communicate data in common terms and define and register business processes. For more information, visit

About Drummond Group Inc. (

Drummond Group Inc. is a vendor-neutral consultancy that drives the adoption of technical standards for supply chain optimization through interoperability testing and competitive supply chain strategies. DGI started interoperability testing in 1996 and has built a worldwide reputation for expertise, value and integrity using the DGI Interoperability Compliance Process. DGI collaborates with the standards community, software companies and industry groups to align horizontal infrastructures with the needs of industries such as retail, grocery, healthcare, transportation, government and automotive.


Beth Morrow
Drummond Group, Inc. 512-335-5606 phone 512-335-5644 fax


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. General references in "Electronic Business XML Initiative (ebXML)."

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