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DataChannel Server 4.0

DataChannel Announces DataChannel Server 4.0

DataChannel Re-Defines Enterprise Information Portals (EIPs) with Next Generation XML Portal Server

Bellevue, WA. February 08, 2000.

DataChannel, the leader in XML-based Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) solutions, today announced the launch and general availability of DataChannel Server (DCS) 4.0. Using the latest in XML technology, DCS 4.0 is the core of the DataChannel EIP Solutions Framework and is designed to support e-business initiatives by integrating data from a variety of sources - from both inside and outside the enterprise.

Today at its premier Webcast, DataChannel's CEO and President, Lucie Fjeldstad, said, "Today's eBusiness strategies require information in existing legacy systems and applications be accessible by anyone via the Internet. With today's release, we put the power of the information back into the hands of the users who have long been held hostage by proprietary solutions."

DCS 4.0 is an advanced, flexible platform for building, delivering, and managing XML-based EIPs that support e-business strategies. Using an XML backbone, DCS 4.0 unlocks all of a company's enterprise information and makes it accessible to ALL stakeholders - employees, customers, partners - through a secure, personalized Web interface. The server creates the possibility for information to be targeted based on the profile, roles, responsibilities, needs and security level of each individual.

"Time-to-the-Web is now the most critical e-business success factor," said Hadley Reynolds, director of research, The Delphi Group. "This means that in Web-savvy e-businesses, both and traditional, XML strategy and deployment expertise lies at the heart of the success equation. DataChannel's new portal server provides the kind of XML depth and functionality that on-line businesses are currently searching for."

DCS 4.0 offers a solution for information technology (IT) and end-users alike. The server works with existing technologies within an enterprise and is built around XML and its surrounding technologies creating the first native XML portal server in the world. It does not add another proprietary, legacy system. This satisfies end-users while helping IT migrate from rigid client/server solutions to a more distributed model of computing.

With DCS 4.0, customers are provided with a personalized, e-business interface to mission-critical information. The portal personalizes and filters data for all partners in a supply chain and allows for two-way publishing and the ability to save to the Web. With its n-tier configuration, IT managers can determine who may publish data into the system. Its WebDAV server manages previously proprietary data in and out of the portal.

The server creates a "virtual enterprise" by unleashing information found at the heart of a company and combines it with data and applications from partners, e-marketplaces, and the Internet. This information can be dynamically categorized into "channels" which are then published in a personalized view to the right user, inside or outside of the enterprise.

With its Intelligent eXtensible Architecture (IXA), DCS 4.0 is a more flexible, extensible, and dynamic environment than ever before. This unique architecture, with open-standards and cross-platform support, allows a company to organize information to match the way it works, categorizing data across unstructured and structured data sources. Most importantly, stakeholders gain convenient, personalized access to the information they need to use and share.

One of the most useful benefits provided by the IXA is the ease with which users can contribute new information without complicated technology barriers. In providing easy access, DataChannel's IXA also gives access to enterprise information from any Web-enabled device, including standard browsers and wireless devices, including PDAs and mobile phones.

Features & Functionality

DCS 4.0 features and functionality deliver in seven key categories:

  • Personalization
  • Categorization
  • Publishing
  • Collaboration and Distribution
  • Administration
  • Integration
  • Extensibility


DCS 4.0 provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface to enterprise information that looks similar to today's popular "portal" sites and includes a personalized start page. Based on fully customizable XSL templates, the interface delivers instant, personalized access to information organized by the latest additions to the EIP. Additionally, users can set up subscription notifications, manageable on a per-folder basis, to keep track of information or subjects that have changed.

Search & Categorization

Using technology from Excalibur Technologies Corporation, DCS 4.0 provides highly accurate, natural language concept search, keyword search, idiom recognition, fielded search, query by example, and more. This capability also allows users to create a virtual category or folder containing items based on their query. Users also can categorize information in multiple levels of nested folders using multiple folder types, which allow sharing of information within targeted groups of users.


Integrated, permissions-based publishing in the Portal and Web File Manager styles allow a user to publish through a standard Web browser. Extended Save-to-the-Web(TM) technology integrates tightly with the Windows desktop, offering MS Windows File system integration and Microsoft Office 2000 integration.

Collaboration and Distribution

DCS 4.0 takes advantage of an exciting, new Web standard for collaboration over Web protocols called Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV). This provides browser-based document collaboration previously associated only with proprietary document management systems. Folder managers can share content-specific folders with individuals or groups to create shared workspaces and manage various types of access, editing, and ownership control. This is all done independent of the application or underlying operating system.


DCS 4.0 integrates with existing LDAP directories to simplify deployment. It can also bridge multiple LDAP servers simultaneously including Netscape Directory, Microsoft Exchange and IBM Directory Server. Comprehensive permissions can be assigned to individual folders depending upon user needs and responsibilities.


DCS 4.0 supports interfaces to external data sources that enable integration to legacy data and applications. These data sources inherit EIP user-access permissions, allowing users to build dynamic Web applications. Using its patented Xpages(TM) technology, DCS 4.0 transforms every data element and object into a URL, readable and accessible from any browser, through the DCS interface. The SDK exposes the powerful XML-based open API and facilitates data integration capabilities through common SDK tools and technologies. Support for many popular enterprise technologies from Sun, IBM, Microsoft, Netscape, Oracle, and Apache ensures a DCS-based EIP will work smoothly with existing infrastructure.


DCS 4.0 is designed for the Web from the ground up, offering unmatched extensibility through XML and XSL - Web standards for data and data presentation.

About DataChannel

DataChannel advances the way the world does business by providing open-standards-based Internet solutions through its products, services and partners, ensuring that customers maximize the value of their information.

Privately held and founded in 1996, DataChannel Inc. is an XML-based Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) Solutions company that unleashes enterprise information over the Internet, making it easier for employees, customers and partners to participate in your business. DataChannel's EIP Solutions Framework provides the building blocks for a solid e-business strategy. DataChannel Server 4.0, an XML-based portal server, provides a personalized and secure e-business interface, a core component of the Framework. The foundation of the Framework is the XML backbone, which extends your existing infrastructure by using XML to expose all enterprise information so that it can be accessed in a uniform manner to build dynamic Web-based applications. To learn more about DataChannel, visit the company's Web site at .

DataChannel Press Contact:

Jamie Cohen
Brodeur Worldwide
Tel: 602.282.5431

Carl Andrews
Director of Marketing, DataChannel
Tel: 425.974.4177

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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