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DevCon - XML Developers' Conference

Date:     Sun, 27 Jun 1999 14:12:12 -0700
From:     Jon Bosak <bosak@BOETHIUS.ENG.SUN.COM>
Subject:  Re: Any intermediate/advanced X*L conferences coming up?

| Actually, Markup Technologies '99 will be held in the same facility
| and (mostly) at the same time as XML'99.  Specifically, XML'99 will on
| December 6-8 and MT'99 will be December 7-9, 1999. You might also be
| interested in some of the tutorials that will preceede MT'99, which
| will be aimed at more expert attendees.
| You can get more information on MT'99 at:

[Jon Bosak]

Markup Technologies is an excellent choice, featuring refereed papers on technical subjects and run by people who know all there is to know about XML.

You may also be interested in another GCA-hosted XML event that takes a completely different approach: the August XML Developers' Conference in Montreal, Quebec. Like MT, the DevCon is intended for the hardcore expert, but instead of formal papers subjected to a rigorous review process, it features up-to-the minute reports on work in progress selected almost purely on the basis of audience appeal. As chair of this one-track event, I don't even call for submissions until about six weeks before it actually takes place, and the final selection is rarely made public more than three weeks before the conference itself. Since I don't require more than a description of what the presenters estimate they will be able to show by the week of the conference, we never really know what we are going to see until the presenters get on stage.

While definitely not for everyone, this international conference, now in its third year, has gained a reputation as the place to be if you want to get the first glimpse of groundbreaking XML technologies in a setting that is both cosmopolitan and affordable, and its small size (I think we reached 120 paid attendees last year) makes it perfect for meeting other advanced XML workers and speaking with many of the people involved in defining XML standards.

The XML DevCon will take place August 19-20. It follows the equally specialized GCA Metastructures conference August 17-18. Metastructures is designed for experts in hypertext linking and related technologies (topic maps, knowledge management, etc.), and it concentrates on HyTime and the XLink/XPointer side of the XML family. The two conferences are preceded by a day of tutorials August 16. See for more information.

If you are not only an XML expert but are interested in participating directly in the development of XML-based industry specifications, you will want to attend the OASIS Summer Workshop in the same location August 11-13. OASIS, which is rapidly achieving critical mass as the place for developing vendor-neutral applications of XML, has just changed its membership structure to allow participation by individuals. The Summer Workshop will be its first meeting under the new organization, and it promises to be a very interesting event indeed. See and for more information on OASIS and its just-announced initiative.

As for the weekend between OASIS and the two GCA conferences...well, anyone who's been to Montreal in August can tell you why we keep coming back to the same place...


[Postscript, 1999.06.27: I understand from GCA that the registration form for the XML Developers' Conference will be operational some time early this week. The call for presentations will probably go out over the July 4 weekend. Please don't send me any proposals yet, but if you're interested in presenting, get 'em ready.]

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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