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Telecommunications Markup Language (tML)

ATIS Committee T1 Initiates Work to Define Standards for Telecommunications Markup Language (tML)

May 24, 2000. Washington, D.C.

Standards Committee T1 Technical Subcommittee T1M1 is undertaking the initiative to develop a standard for the telecommunications network management derivative of the eXtensible Markup Language (XML). The overall goal of this initiative is to develop a standard for transactions, which would then be presented to the International Telecommunication Union-Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) as a contribution toward an international standard recommendation. T1M1 is a technical subcommittee of Standards Committee T1-Telecommunications, which is sponsored by the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS). Committee T1 is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The telecommunications industry has not yet established an official markup language for network management, but is rapidly moving toward XML as a technology of choice - as are other industries.

"Subcommittee T1M1 believes that the telecommunications network management domain must develop cohesive solutions for the adoption of XML -- especially in the area of business to business (B2B) solutions to support telecommunications interconnection," said Mike Fargano, T1M1 chairman. "T1M1 is in position to facilitate development of standards in this area, and believes that an open and interoperable standard should be developed."

Accordingly, T1M1 will plan and develop a telecom-specific derivative of XML for telecommunications network management, referred to as the telecommunications Markup Language (tML). ATIS-sponsored Committee T1 intends to standardize tML via T1's open industry standards-formulation process. In an effort to ensure broad acceptance of the tML standard, Committee T1 is collaborating with ATIS' Telecommunications Industry Forum's (TCIF) Electronic Communications Implementation Committee (ECIC). ECIC has completed the Telecommunication Interchange Markup Guide -- a guide that was developed to allow carriers and vendors to exchange technical documentation using XML tags -- that is available on the Document Center at

"Committee T1 has many liaisons in the industry as they pertain to operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning, to include other ATIS committees such as the Ordering and Billing Forum (OBF) and the Telecommunications Industry Forum (TCIF)," said Ray Hapeman, Committee T1 chairman. "A failure to ensure industry-wide participation in this product in an open forum could hamper the industry's ability to implement XML."

So as to bring a broad base of business and technical perspectives to tML, Technical Subcommittee T1M1 welcomes input and participation from the various telecommunications network management industry fora. Industry representatives are invited to attend T1M1's interim meeting June 28-30, 2000, in Richardson, Texas, to begin work on the tML standard.

In the meantime, potential participants may wish to review a T1M1.5 contribution on the tML proposal - see contribution T1M1.5/2000-141 (file 0M151410) on the T1M1 contribution Web site ( Information on the Richardson, Texas, meeting is also available on the Web at

Standards Committee T1 develops American National Standards, technical reports, and technical requirements for telecommunications services, network interconnection, interoperability, and performance. Committee T1 provides technical input to the United States Department of State supporting U.S. participation in international standards bodies. More than 1,200 telecommunications engineers and technologists bring their expertise to Committee T1's six technical subcommittees. Committee T1 is a founding member of the Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) group of regional standards development organizations and works closely with the FCC on network reliability issues. Committee T1 is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). More information is available when visiting the Committee T1 Web site at Committee T1 documents are available at the ATIS Document Center, located at

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) is a member company organization that defines standards and operating procedures for the telecommunications industry. Nearly 2,500 experts from 500 telecommunications companies participate in ATIS committees, whose work focus includes network interconnection standards, number portability, improved data transmission, wireless communications, Internet telephony, toll-free access, and order and billing issues. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) frequently refers operations issues to ATIS committees for recommended solutions. Members of ATIS and committee participants include, but are not limited to, telecommunications service providers, manufacturers, software developers, resellers, enhanced service providers, and providers of operations support.

Information on ATIS is available on the World Wide Web at; by contacting the ATIS headquarters at 202-628-6380; or by writing to: ATIS, 1200 G Street, NW, Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20005.


1200 G Street, NW
Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20005

Contact: John Bernhards
Director of Public Relations
Phone: 202-434-8850

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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