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The Upper Cyc Ontology in XTM

Date:      Tue, 27 Feb 2001 15:13:12 -0800
From:      Murray Altheim <>
To:        XTM Authoring Group <>
Subject:   [xtm-wg] ANNOUNCE: The Upper Cyc Ontology in XTM (Preliminary)

While I am far from finished with either the prose of the spec or four of the five topic maps, I thought given the upcoming TopicMaps.Org meeting and KT conference that it'd be a good idea to publish *something* regarding my work with the Cyc ontology. I won't be able to attend the conference, but this will perhaps provide another topic of discussion.

The first of the five planned topic maps is for the most part finished, and there is an annex (C) listing all of the PSIs established as part of this project; these at least will remain stable, and useful as subject indicators. I stress that the prose of this TR is pretty rough in places, as time has been short lately. I hope to improve the text over the coming weeks.

The Upper Cyc Ontology in XTM
Sun Microsystems Technical Report 27 Feb 2001

Once we have a process for publishing TopicMaps.Org Technical Reports, I would like to submit this to the group for publication on our web site. Doug Lenat seems enthusiastic about this project, and perhaps he will be willing to publish the topic maps on the web site, which would probably be even more appropriate than on I hope to discuss this and other related issues while I'm in Austin.

From the report:


This Technical Report documents research and development of an XML Topic Map (XTM) representation of the Upper Cyc Ontology, including a distribution of five XTM topic maps based on features of the ontology.

This Technical Report plus any associated software and/or documentation may be submitted to TopicMaps.Org with the goal of promoting XML Topic Maps (XTM) as a suitable ontological framework, as well as a source of XTM Published Subject Indicators (PSIs).

Status of This Document

This Technical Report is a Sun Microsystems Working Draft, intended for review and comment by interested parties. It is a very preliminary "work in progress" release, currently has no formal status, and its publication should not be construed as endorsement by either Sun Microsystems, Inc. or any other body. This document may be updated, replaced, rendered obsolete by other documents, or removed from circulation at any time. It is inappropriate to use this document as reference material, or cite it as anything other than a "work in progress."


Murray Altheim, SGML/XML Grease Monkey <mailto:altheim&#64;>
XML Technology Center
Sun Microsystems, 1601 Willow Rd., MS UMPK17-102, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See: "(XML) Topic Maps."

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