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XyEnterprise XPP Supports XSL-FO in Web-Based Style Editor

XyEnterprise Announces Support for XSL-FO and a Web-Based Style Editor for XML Professional Publisher

New Offerings, Enhancements Create Significant Advantages for Standards-Based Publishing

Reading, MA, USA. March 23, 2004.

XyEnterprise, the leading developer of XML content management and enterprise publishing software, announced today a new style creation tool and support for XSL-FO in its leading XML publishing software — XML Professional Publisher (XPP). XPP is used for automated and interactive publishing in XML publishing environments, providing unmatched support for XML content, automated rendering, and Web Services integration. The new features will enable customers to enjoy further productivity gains and standards support from the world's leading automated publishing engine.

Support for XSL-FO

XSL-FO, a recommendation from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), is a standard way to describe rules for formatting XML content. XPP will apply an XSL stylesheet to an XML instance, and use this information to render XML content to Postscript or PDF output. Users will have access to the robust and unmatched publishing capabilities of XPP that supplement the XSL-FO standard, including the ability to interactively edit the formatted file, control the placement of graphics, and apply sophisticated controls for page and column balancing, hyphenation and justification, and complex tabular formatting.

Style Creation and Management

The new style creation and management interface, based on XPP's Web Services layer, presents a browser-based look and feel for creating and managing style information. The interface simplifies the selection of style choices and enhances the ability to use, modify, and apply styles. The Style Editor enables users to access style information in an intuitive point-and-click fashion, use existing styles as a basis for new styles, and re-use style settings across many XML documents. Because this is a Web Services interface, customers can configure or customize which features and functionality related to style management and publishing can be accessed by end users. This will reduce learning curves and enable more users to access the power and productivity offered by XPP.

Mark Walter, Senior Analyst for the Seybold Consulting Group, stated: "This new functionality advances the state of the art in standards-based publishing in two ways. First, it combines the capability to handle XML documents — from simple statements through complex typeset materials — with the proven publishing capabilities of XPP. Second, it embraces the services-oriented architecture that both corporate and commercial publishers are adopting. The XyEnterprise Style Editor exposes the rich functionality of the XPP composition engine to a broader base of users in the enterprise without compromising a graphic services department's ability to configure and control the implementation."

Richard Pasewark, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, XyEnterprise, commented: "XPP has extended its ability to integrate its publishing power into a standards-based enterprise infrastructure. Our XPP Web Services Development Kit expanded access to XPP publishing for anyone with a browser. Now, the XPP Style Editor opens access to style creation and modification, reducing the learning curve traditionally associated with high-end publishing tools. Furthermore, the integration of XSL-FO with XPP offers those building publishing solutions a scalable, standards-based formatting engine with the added advantage of XPP's interactive WYSIWYG editing capability."

Learn more about XPP, automated and interactive XML publishing, XPP's Web Services interface, the new style editor, and XSL-FO at XyEnterprise's ongoing Webinar series and recorded events at

About XML Professional Publisher

XML Professional Publisher (XPP) is the proven standards-based composition, transformation and rendering software for complex and automated publishing in the technical documentation, commercial, legal, journal, financial, and pharmaceutical publishing markets. Leading corporations use XPP to process and transform XML and other structured content into high quality PDF and print output.

About XyEnterprise

Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (XyEnterprise), an EContent 100 company, is the leading provider of single source, multi-channel publishing solutions. Its XML content management software — Content@ — and its automated XML publishing engine — XPP — power sophisticated solutions for global leaders in the publishing, technical documentation, financial, government, and e-Learning arenas. Its customers include Boeing, Bureau of National Affairs, Gulfstream, IBM, the U.S. Navy, Sun Microsystems, LexisNexis, and many others. For more information, please contact XyEnterprise at +1 781.756.4400 or


Richard Pasewark
Tel: +1 781-756-4400

Longleaf Public Relations
Joy Scott
Tel: +1 303-639-6069


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See: (1) "XSL/XSLT Software Support"; (2) "Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL/XSLT)."

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