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Apache Xindice XML database 1.0rc2 Released

The Apache Xindice team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Xindice 1.0 release candidate 2. Full source code is available under the terms of the Apache Software License and downloads are available from:

Apache Xindice is a native XML database. As such it has basically one purpose, easy management of large quantities of XML data. It is not intended as a competitor for relational databases and is primarily targeted at new application development where XML plays a significant role.

The server is currently suitable for medium volume XML storage applications. It supports XPath for queries and XML:DB XUpdate for XML updates. An implementation of the XML:DB XML database API is provided for Java developers and access from other languages is enabled through the download of an XML-RPC plugin.

Apache Xindice was formally known as dbXML. The dbXML source code was donated to the Apache Software Foundation in December 2001. The 1.0 release of Xindice represents the conclusion of the work undertaken by the dbXML project and the official commencement of new development on the Xindice code base. The development team has added two new members and it is expected we'll add several more in the coming weeks. Future development will focus on improved performance, ACID properties, better standards support and better integration with other Apache projects.

Changes from the 1.0rc1 release are confined to bug fixes

  • Fixed the Index corrupted error that some people were seeing with 1.0rc1. If you saw this error it is recommended that you rebuild your database files.

  • Changed the way Xindice locates its files to make it easier to embed the server into another process. Files are now located relative to the xindice.home system property instead of the working directory of the process.

  • Changed the kernel to enable running it embedded without exiting the VM on startup error and exit.

  • Minor encoding fixes in the command line tools. More serious attention will be payed to encoding issues in the 1.1 release of Xindice. As it is, some languages such as Russian and Chinese can not be successfully stored in the server. This will be fixed in a Xindice 1.1 release.

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Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See: "XML and Databases."

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