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XPP Web Services Development Kit

XyEnterprise Announces Web Services Development Kit for XML Publishing

Reading, MA, USA. March 18, 2003.

XyEnterprise, the leading developer of XML content management and enterprise publishing software, announced today a new Web Services Development Kit for its XML Professional Publisher (XPP) software line. This new Web Services interface makes available the rich XML publishing capabilities of XPP to Web interfaces, portals, and application integrations, providing rapid deployment of automated XML publishing solutions in environments as diverse as corporate IT services to consumer "publish on demand" applications.

The new Web Services offering exposes the proven standards-based composition, transformation and rendering capabilities of the XPP software through a SOAP/XML interface. This API provides easy access for customers and developers, enabling them to build customized end-user interfaces in support of distributed XML publishing services. Web Services also supports the growing deployment of XPP as an embedded batch processing engine able to transform XML content to PDF, print, and Web output on demand.

XPP Web Services extends the "autoprocessing" model which XyEnterprise customers have relied on for over 10 years to deliver millions of electronic and print publications and provides unique capabilities not found in other applications. End users and their customers will benefit from the ability to connect remotely to trigger and monitor complex publishing events. Partners, integrators, and service providers will benefit from the ease of application development and support, while leveraging proven standards.

The XPP Web Services interface has been delivered to early adopters who have created unique XML publishing environments in rapid fashion. Said Bart Terryn, technologist for XP2: "The ability to use standard Internet connectivity to access and leverage the proven automated publishing capabilities of XPP has a significant business impact. Not only can customers and developers deploy a solution quickly, they can deploy the same solution either remotely or locally in a platform-independent way. They also know that underneath, the solution uses the long-standing strengths of XPP in XML publishing environments - autoprocessing, standards support, complex typography, and robust PDF output."

Rich Pasewark, vice president of Sales and Marketing at XyEnterprise, stated: "XPP Web Services changes the rules for automated publishing solutions and leaps ahead of competitive applications. Publishers, product support/technical information groups, e-commerce applications and, increasingly, IT management, are required to support a wider variety of customers and users, products and markets, business models, and geographies. XPP Web Services enables each user to create black box publishing and transformation environments and expose this functionality through tailored interfaces and integrations specific to their organization or consumer profile."

Examples of the potential application of XPP Web Services include dynamic content assembly and publishing from a Web Content Management system, remote creation and publishing of customized and localized product documentation, commercial publishing interaction through Web interfaces, catalog production with dynamic database integration, and IT server-based processing of XML to PDF in applications similar to solutions already implemented by XyEnterprise customers such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, Inc., LexisNexis, i2 Technologies, Inc., and The Boeing Company.

XPP Web Services are offered as an add-on to the existing line of XPP software. More can be learned about XPP and Web Services at upcoming XyEnterprise Webinars scheduled for March 27 and April 2. To enroll in a XyEnterprise Webinar, please go to

About XyEnterprise

Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (XyEnterprise) is the leading provider of single source, multi-channel XML publishing solutions. Its XML content management software - Content@ - and its automated XML publishing engine - XPP - power sophisticated solutions for global leaders in the publishing, technical documentation, financial, government, and e-Learning arenas. Its customers include Boeing, Bureau of National Affairs, Gulfstream, IBM, Thomson and Thomson, Sun Microsystems, LexisNexis, and many others. For more information, please contact XyEnterprise at 781.756.4400 or


Richard Pasewark
Tel: +1 781/756-4400

Longleaf Public Relations
Joy Scott
Tel: +1 303/639-6069

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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