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XML 2002 Call for Participation

XML Conference and Exposition 2002

Call for Presentations, Tutorials, Exhibits, and Sponsors

XML Conference & Exposition 2002
Call for Presentations, Tutorials, Exhibits, and Sponsors
December 8-13, 2002
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, MD U.S.A.

Conference URL:

Theme: "Putting the Pieces Together"

Today, XML is being used to solve real business needs. We are finding that more and more businesses are beginning to concentrate on getting all their technology working together using XML. Government agencies are also starting to set up large-scale infrastructure using XML, which have many of the same requirements. In any event, everyone currently using XML has found that like many other robust, real solutions, working with XML can be a lot of work. There are many pieces to the puzzle and issues around its interoperability, integration, and implementation. This is why we hold events like "XML 2002".

The goal of XML 2002 is to help attendees put the pieces of the XML puzzle together - thus teaching them best practices. This includes finding out the latest technology/techniques, learning from past mistakes, and benefiting from the successes.

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN. We are looking for top-quality tutorials and presentations that will help attendees find out how XML can solve THEIR problems. Attendees want to hear this information from YOU - the expert.

Whether as a speaker, tutorial presenter, exhibitor, and/or sponsor, you will find that XML 2002 is the best forum to share your knowledge and/or demonstrate your products and services. No where else will you find such high-quality attendees.

Preliminary Event Schedule

The event is currently scheduled to have two days of tutorials followed by four days of conference sessions. The vendor exhibition is scheduled to run during the first three days of the conference. (Subject to change.)

Call Submission Schedule

June 15-Conference Presentation and Tutorial Submission Deadline
July 22-Notification of Selection Begins
October 1-Late Breaking News and Vendor Presentation Submission Deadline
October 15-Notification of Selection Begins
October 15-Presentation Papers Due (marked up using the designated XML schema)
November 15-Tutorial Handouts Due

Registration Discount Available to All Participants

All selected speakers and tutorial instructors will receive one free registration/per presentation/tutorial for the conference (December 10-13), provided their paper and/or handout is received by the above deadline. In addition, all abstract submitters not chosen for the conference are entitled to receive a discount of $100 off their conference registration.


Ways to Participate

1) Conference Speaker - Abstracts are appreciated, but not limited to the following suggested topic areas: Core Technologies, Web Services, Knowledge Management, Electronic Commerce, EAI/B2Bi, Publishing, Storing XML (databases and content management), Case Studies, Graphics and Multimedia, Legal, Financial, ebXML, Wireless, and Government. Submissions for talks on other XML-related subjects are also welcome. Presentations can be introductory or advanced, geared to implementers or executives. A paper marked up using the designated XML schema is REQUIRED.

2) Tutorial Instructor - We are also seeking highly qualified instructors to lead tutorials, which will be selected based on merits of the topic and instructor. Tutorials will be one-half, full or two-day workshops. Please be sure to indicate any special requirements and length of your tutorial on the submission form.

Please note: Marketing/promotional presentations will not be considered for tutorials or conference presentations (exception being the vendor presentations). The talk must be submitted online in the requested abstract format and must be original work of professional quality.

3) Town Hall Facilitator/Panelist - This annual event will host "Town Hall Meetings" again. Held throughout the conference, these interactive forums are designed to allow all attendees to join open-mike forums. This is a great way to ask questions, listen to suggestions, soak up praise, endure abuse, hold straw polls, or go into more detail on particular issues not possible during other presentations. These evening sessions are not limited to conference attendees, but will be open to the public as well.

4) Vendor/Product Presenters - Precedence will be given to those submissions that demonstrate products being launched at XML 2002. Products to be announced and demonstrated first at XML 2002, brand new technologies, new versions of existing products, standards-compliance, and/or interoperability proof (i.e., showing more than one product from different vendors working together) are all encouraged. Deadline for Vendor Presentation Submissions is October 1, 2002.

5) Late Breaking News - We will reserve several speaking spots for "Late-Breaking News Sessions." These presentations will be designed for developments so new that normal lead-time is not possible. These sessions will be awarded at the discretion of the conference chair and planning committee. Submissions for late-breaking news must sent by October 1, 2002.

6) Exhibitor and/or Sponsor - The Annual XML event has earned a reputation for excellence, providing vendors access to perhaps the most well informed and well-qualified audience on XML. We invite you to join the more than 100 expected exhibiting companies at this year's event. The conference and exposition also has several sponsorship opportunities available. More details on exhibiting and sponsoring may be found on the event web site (including contracts, floor plans and available opportunities).

7) Associated, Affiliated, and Related Meeting Organizer - IDEAlliance encourages other organizations (especially standards activities groups) to meet the week before or after XML 2002. We will be happy to assist you with your planning. If interested, please contact Jane Harnad, IDEAlliance - More details can be found on the event web site

Marion L. Elledge
Executive Vice President
(founded in 1966 as the Graphic Communications Association)
100 Daingerfield Road
Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: 703/837-1093
Fax: 703/548-2867

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Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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