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W3C Online Markup Validator

Date:      Tue, 26 Nov 2002 14:56:42 +0900
From:      Olivier Thereaux <>
Subject:   New generation of the "Markup Validator" released

New Generation of the "Markup Validator" Released

After a little more than a year of development, and a month of beta test, we're proud to announce today the release of the new version of the Markup Validator, along with an update of the eponymous online service at:

This new version include, among many changes, improved and more accessible interfaces, support for more document types, better internationalization support, and much more... (see the release notes for a more detailed list).

Credits and Contact

This new version was made possible thanks to the work and external contributions of many, including:

 * Aaron Swartz      * Jim Ley         * Nick Kew
 * Christian Smith   * Karl Dubost     * Olivier Thereaux
 * Dan Connolly      * Liam Quinn      * Sean Palmer
 * Hugo Haas         * Martin Dürst    * Ville Skyttä
 * Terje Bless

In addition, the developers would like to acknowledge the following people who have contrubuted suggestions, bug reports, and feeback:

* Björn Hörhmann * Peter K. Sheerin

As well as the many many good people on www-validator who have contributed of their time and experience to help improve the Validator. Many thanks to you all!

The W3C MarkUp Validator was created by Gerald Oskoboiny and is now maintained by members of the W3C QA Activity Team and external collaborators. The W3C Team Contacts for the W3C MarkUp Validator are Olivier Thereaux <> and Dominique Hazaël-Massieux <>.

The main point of contact for this service is the public mailing list The public archives for this list, as well as administrativia information (subscribe/unsubscribe) are available at:

Feedback on the Markup Validator is more than welcome. Be sure to read the documentation on "How to provide feedback":

Release Notes

Changes for this version include:

  • Improved design of layout, including for Validation results. Output has also been reworked to be easier to understand.

  • New feature: Tip-of-the-Day.

  • Many accessibility fixes, both to the web site and the Result page.

  • Major internal restructuring. The code has undergone significant refactoring with many benefits. It is more readable and easier to understand, much more robust, much improved security, more modular, and performance should be significantly better. There is tentative support for running under mod_perl (leading to even greater performance enhancements) and memory consumption should be much improved.

  • Many new document types are supported and support for some existing document types has been improved. Notable changes and additions include:

    • Support for MathML is back in good shape
    • Support for application/xhtml+xml
    • Support for XHTML+MathML and XHTML+MathML+SVG
    • Support for SVG and image/svg+xml
    • Support for XHTML 1.0 Second Edition and XHTML 1.1

Olivier Thereaux - W3C


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See Validate/Check XML

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