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VordelSecure 2.0

Vordel to Launch New XML Security Suite for Distributed Security and Management of Web Services

Boston, MA, USA. December 9, 2002.

VordelSecure 2.0, high performance, enterprise-class security suite, uses new distributed architecture to protect Web Services using open standards

Vordel, the Web services security company, today announced VordelSecure 2.0, the first enterprise-grade XML security suite to respond to the security needs of organizations that are taking advantage of XML for software integration.

VordelSecure 2.0 provides organizations with a high performance, scalable security management solution to secure their XML communications. It provides both XML firewalling and XML access control, and does not rely on a monolithic architecture deployed at a single point. Instead, it may be distributed across all Web Services exposed by an organization, at multiple entry and exit points.

Companies deploying Web Services are using VordelSecure to deliver highly secure and highly scalable security. British American Tobacco (BAT) is one company that has adopted Web Services technology as a key building block of its internal business process integration strategy.

Kevin Poulter, Head of the Application Technology Group at BAT said, "BAT chose Web Services technologies such as SOAP and WSDL to streamline integration of our business systems. Security is a key component of our integration architecture and requires the capabilities provided by a specialist XML security product. To ensure the integrity of our architecture it is important for us to maintain a distinction between the security application infrastructure and the enterprise business systems.

"VordelSecure distinguishes itself as implementing a comprehensive range of XML security technologies," Poulter concluded.

"As Web services expose business processes to customers and partners, they will also become targets for a variety of malformed data and denial-of-service attacks", said Phil Schacter, VP and Director of Directory and Security Services at analyst firm, The Burton Group.

"The application servers that host Web services applications require a level of protection that the current generation of network firewalls is unable to provide. This is one of the emerging roles for the new generation of Web services security products, such as VordelSecure 2.0," commented Schachter.

Derek O'Carroll, CEO of Vordel, explained that VordelSecure is the result of more than three years of development and detailed customer interaction. "We are offering companies greater flexibility and choice in the way they deploy security for their XML communications," he said.

"VordelSecure 2.0 offers companies a highly scalable security solution, reduced deployment times, and the ability to leverage their existing security and integration investments," continued O'Carroll. For further detailed information on VordelSecure 2.0 please contact Vordel at

About Vordel

Vordel is the Web Services security company. VordelSecure is an enterprise grade security product suite, providing authentication, authorization, accounting and content validation for XML based communications. Vordel is a privately held company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Boston, USA and London, UK. Institutional investors in Vordel include Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, Elderstreet VC, ICC Venture Capital, the Intel 64 fund, and the Powerscourt Capital Technology Fund.


Jim Whittle
Tel: +353 1 215 3333

From the VordelSecure 2.0 datasheet:

The XML Security Suite: VordelSecure secures Web Services, filtering XML traffic based on content and identity. SOAP connections to certain Web Services can be blocked, or filtered. SAML, WS-Security, and X.509 digital signatures are used to protect XML traffic within and between organizations.

VordelSecure authenticates a consumer using an X.509 certificate obtained from the SSL session or from within the SOAP message. The identity of the user can be established using local directories or XKMS trust services from vendors such as VeriSign and Entrust. SAML Authentication Assertions are also consumed by VordelSecure.

VordelSecure performs authorization based on security tokens enclosed in SOAP messages using WS-Security, and also interfaces with LDAP directories and with website authorization systems.

VordelSecure examines the integrity, structure, and content of XML requests using industry standards - XML Signature, XML Schema, and XPath -- to ensure that unwanted data does not reach Web Services.

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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