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Vizx3D v1.0 Beta Supports web3D Authoring and X3D Content

The Rebirth of Web3D

Vizx3D v1.0 Beta Released at Siggraph 2003

Siggraph 2003, San Diego, CA, USA. July 25, 2003.

Virtock Technologies, Inc. has announced the release of Vizx3D v.1.0 Beta , a new real-time 3D visualization tool and web3D authoring platform that is the first to create X3D content. The new application offers the advanced capabilities of the new X3D format with the simplicity of interface and usage that Virtock Technologies' past product Spazz3D was known for. Vizx3D has been designed with features for both the professional web designer looking to move toward advanced web3D applications, and with the ease of use needed for the hobbyist web3D market as well. Virtock Technologies has for the last five years developed its Spazz3D software into the favorite choice among the VRML enthusiasts that pioneered the many 3D online worlds such as Cybertown. Vizx3D v.1.0 offers capabilities to expand the web3D market and to rival the 2D vector design market led by Macromedia's Flash.

Vizx3D helps to bring the future of rich media and web3D to the market today. The first real-time authoring tool that can natively create X3D content for export, the release of Vizx3D v1.0 Beta comes at a time when web3D is going through a rebirth of popularity and technology. The release of both Media Machines's FLUX player and Bitmanagement's (former- Blaxxun employee owned) Contact 6.1 player, provide playback for the new capabilities of the X3D standard. Both new players are primed for the playback of X3D and Vizx3D output, making Vizx3D a key new authoring tool for all web3D developers.

Keith Victor, the President of Virtock Technologies and the creator of Vizx3D states, "With these two new players to view our X3D output, the level of web3D content has been pushed way beyond what VRML looked like and could offer people a few years ago. The new multi-texturing abilities, single mesh avatars, interactive capabilities, and the other X3D attributes offer 3D interactive visuals and content that can compete with the PC games people play everyday." He added "Such visual clarity also means that commercial and corporate visualizations and presentations in 3D can now offer true broadcast quality design and impact."

To debut as part of the Web3D Roundup Night at Siggraph, Vizx3D content will be shown by both creator Keith Victor as well as by SFWEB3D founder and designer Larry Rosenthal." The new Vizx3D is great, the ability to easily create normal maps for textures and to produce interactive X3D content with no need for hand coding, makes X3D and it's authoring finally real for nonprogrammers. Designers can now start to really use X3D for clients." says Rosenthal, a long time web3D developer.

Others launching important products in the Web3D arena were also impressed by the new Vizx3D beta. "Vizx3D represents a significant step forward in 3D content creation for the web," said Tony Parisi, President of Media Machines, co-creator of VRML and editor of the X3D specification. "It has a simple, straightforward interface that can be used by professionals and non-professionals alike, yet also a very powerful set of features. Vizx3D raises the bar for 3D authoring while lowering the barrier to entry. Media Machines looks forward to an ongoing collaboration with Virtock to advance rich media development for the web."

Vizx3D v.1.0 Beta offers artists, developers, and designers a complete set of tools to publish web3D content in both the older web3D standard ( VRML 97) and in the new X3D format. It combines ease of use with advanced real-time authoring capabilities and features such as multitexturing, H-Anim support, single mesh avatars, text creation wizards, animation creation wizards, screen saver creation, and AVI/animated GIF export. It runs on Windows 98, 2000, and XP and requires OpenGL 1.1 support with a 3D accelerated card required. The fully functional Beta Release is free to all and can be downloaded at the website.

The final release of V.1.0 is expected for Fall 2003 and is set to be priced at $299.00 with an upgrade price of $100.00 for existing Spazz3D 2.0 users. There will be additional discounts for Cybertown members and members of the SFWEB3D group as well as other online 3D communities.

About X3D

X3D has been in development for some years now as the next generation of open standard 3D. It offers advanced capabilities such as multi-texturing, H-Anim single mesh avatars, and nurbs based models for digital online content. Considered the 'XMLzation' of VRML 97 it adds database and an open ended architecture .The successor to VRML, the most popular format for 3D on the web, it is endorsed by the Web3D Consortium and is set for WWWC standard ratification this fall. For more information visit

About Virtock Technologies, Inc.

Virtock Technologies, Inc. delivers real-time 3D technologies that give artists and digital media developers the power to create visually advanced 3D applications. The company's new X3D product, Vizx3D, allows developers to create the most visually advanced X3D multimedia presentations for corporate communications, hobbyist web-sites, online worlds, and interactive media presentations deliverable on the Web. Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. and founded in 1999 by veteran web3D expert Keith Victor, the company first came to prominence offering Spazz3D to the early VRML community. The simple to use product quickly became a VRML developer favorite among the enthusiast web3D market. From 2001-2002 Virtock Technologies was part of the Eyematic Corporation working on web3D technologies for corporate clients. In March 2003, Keith left Eyematic to focus again on web3D tools for all designers, thus creating Vizx3D.v.1.0. For more information, visit the site at


Keith Victor
Virtock Technologies, Inc.
551 Belle Meade Farm Drive
Loveland, OH 45140
Tel: +1 (513) 583-5321
Fax: +1 (513) 583-1252

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See other details in the news story "Web3D Consortium Advances Specifications for 3D Web Applications." General references in "VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) and X3D."

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