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Vignette's Self-Certified JSR 168-Compliant Portal

Vignette First To Announce Self-Certified JSR 168-Compliant Portal

Vignette Application Portal 7.0 Also Supports Comprehensive Localization and Standards for Universal Access

Austin, Texas, USA. February 4, 2004.

Continuing to deliver on its mission to drive enhanced business efficiency, Vignette Corp. today announced initial availability of Vignette Application Portal 7.0, part of the Vignette V7 family of products. Vignette Application Portal 7.0 has been certified by Vignette on the Sun Microsystem's Test and Compatibility Kit (TCK) for compliance with the recently adopted JSR 168 portlet interoperability standard. With this move, Vignette believes that it has become the first independent software vendor to announce a self-certified JSR 168 portal.

The release of Vignette Application Portal 7.0 reaffirms Vignette's leadership in delivering standards-based portal solutions that scale and evolve from department level to enterprisewide deployments. As a founding member of both the Java Community Process's JSR 168 Expert Group and OASIS' WSRP Technical Committee, Vignette has played a pivotal role in helping define JSR 168 and WSRP since their inceptions in January 2002. By driving innovation through the usage of Web services and portal standards, Vignette enables customers to increase efficiency and reduce the complexity and cost of sharing information across organizations by supporting their evolving enterprise portal strategies.

"JSR 168 represents a significant milestone for the industry and will play a key role in advancing an organization's ability to integrate portal deployments and provide a single, consolidated view for end users," said Craig Roth, vice president, Web and collaboration strategies at Meta Group Inc. "Organizations should look to vendors that are showing a commitment to industry standards as a means to increase developer productivity and significantly reduce deployment costs."

In conjunction with its support for JSR 168, Vignette will provide plug-ins for the leading integrated development environments (IDE) to provide developers with a seamless experience when deploying IDE-developed JSR 168 portlets within Vignette Application Portal 7.0. In addition, the latest release of Vignette Application Portal provides enhanced localization of portal administrative consoles and multibyte support for compliance with Section 508, enabling disabled administrators to easily manage portal sites, and i18N, allowing diverse administrators in multidialect regions to access a shared portal console that is localized for each individual administrator's dialect.

"Vignette continues to lead the standards charge and is delivering functionality today that enables organizations to meet the complex demands of integrating multiple applications while conducting effective global business operations," said Dave Shirk, senior vice president of product strategy and marketing at Vignette. "Vignette works closely with customers to define and provide the solutions that help them increase organizational efficiencies and drive down costs. With its comprehensive support for localization and commitment to industry standards, Vignette Application Portal is uniquely equipped to help customers leverage information and the Web for improved business efficiency."

Vignette's dedication to open standards has been a defining characteristic of its industry-leading portal products, starting with the delivery of its standards-based portal product in 1998:

  • Vignette was the first portal vendor to support Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) in 1999.

  • Vignette was the first vendor to achieve application server neutrality, supporting all major application platforms with a single release, in 2000.

  • Also in 2000, Vignette developed a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)-based method for developing remote portal services, followed by an industry-standard proposal for the creation and delivery of Web services as applications within the portal, which evolved into the Web Services for Remote Portlets Specification (WSRP).

  • Vignette became a lead author on the Expert Group of the JSR 168 standards committee in 2002.

  • Vignette is the first to announce shipment of a TCK self-certified JSR 168 portal solution.

"Vignette has maintained its dedication to standards adoption in the portal industry," Shirk said. "Historically, Vignette Application Portal has come to market with standards-based technology that has set the bar among our competitors. This is the culmination of a consistent and measured effort to achieve industrywide adoption of a portlet standard."

About Vignette Corp.

Vignette (Nasdaq: VIGN) is the expert in business efficiency. Vignette's software and services help companies harness the power of information and the Web to increase productivity, reduce cost, increase the quality of user experiences and manage risk. Vignette's solutions incorporate enterprise content management, portal, collaboration and integration software that can rapidly deliver unique advantages through an open, scalable, adaptable architecture. Vignette is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with local operations worldwide. Visit to see how Vignette customers achieve documented efficiencies and find out why the world's leading companies prefer Vignette.


Jim Hahn
Vignette Corp.
Tel: (512) 741-4871

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Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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