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UBL 1.0 Beta Committee Draft for Vote

VOTE: UBL 1.0 Beta Committee Draft

Date:      Wed, 19 Nov 2003 10:15:50 -0800 (PST)
Subject:   ACTION: VOTE: UBL 1.0 Beta Committee Draft

UBL voting members,

I am pleased to submit the UBL 1.0 Beta package for your approval as an OASIS Committee Draft.

Balloting opens at 10 a.m. California time Wednesday 19 November 2003 and closes at 10 a.m. Monday 24 November 2003. Since quick approval would be advantageous to our release schedule, however, I urge you to log in now to the UBL TC site and click on "Ballots" to record your vote. DO NOT use the UBL mailing list for voting; use the web site.

Ballot Text

The question to be voted on reads as follows:


  1. That the OASIS UBL TC approves the UBL 1.0 Beta draft currently located at as an OASIS Committee Draft and authorizes posting of the draft on the OASIS web site for implementation testing.

  2. That the draft editors are authorized to continue the correction of editorial errors in the draft package during the voting period.


This draft is the result of two years of work in the OASIS Universal Business Language Technical Committee to create the basis for a standard XML business syntax. Your vote to approve the draft authorizes OASIS to put it before the public in order to begin implementation testing. If the draft is approved, testing will begin the week of 24 November 2003 and will end at a date in February that allows the collation of review input in time for the UBL TC meeting scheduled for 23-27 February 2004 in Washington, D.C. A UBL subcommittee, the Pilot Implementation SC, has been created to coordinate implementation activity during this period.

Questions And Answers

Q: Does a vote to approve the draft mean that we cannot change it later?

A: No. An OASIS TC may revise a Committee Draft as many times as it likes before submitting the specification to OASIS as a candidate for standardization.

Q: Why is the draft currently on an external site?

A: So that the editors can continue making corrections to the draft during the voting period. For example, the package posted at the opening of the voting period is known to be missing two code list spreadsheets; these will be included before the approved draft is uploaded to the OASIS site.

Q: Will the draft change in any substantive way during or after the voting period?

A: No, the editors are not authorized to make any substantive changes that would affect decisions already made.

Q: What should we do about typos or other editorial errors we find in the draft package?

A: Send reports to If the error is big enough to merit a change, the package will be revised to correct it; if not, it will be entered on the list of known issues.

Q: What happens if we find a bug in the schemas?

A: The primary purpose of the implementation review is to identify and correct problems with the schemas, so the discovery of problems that do not actually prevent implementation is an expected part of the review process. If a noncritical bug is found during the voting period, it will simply go on the list of known issues for input to the February TC meeting. If a bug is big enough to prevent implementation, then of course the draft will have to be withdrawn and a corrected version resubmitted to you for another vote.

Q: Does this draft represent the final "look and feel" of UBL 1.0?

A: With regard to the normative components, this draft is intended to represent UBL 1.0 as it will be released next year, with the exception of code list validation (which will be addressed by a Code List Subcommittee that has been formed for this purpose) and fixes for any major problems that may be discovered during the implementation phase. With regard to the non-normative aspects, in particular the formatting, illustrations, and documentation, this release is still a draft and will be subject to more editorial work during the implementation phase. The purpose of this beta release, as its name implies, is to give implementors what they need to functionally test the specification and its associated deliverables; it is not the final product.


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See details in the news story UBL Version 1.0 Committee Draft Beta Approved for Public Implementation Testing." General references in "Universal Business Language (UBL)."

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