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New TranXML Schemas

Transentric Announces Availability of Additional TranXML Schemas

Company to sponsor creation of

Transentric, a leading supply chain and electronic message management company, today released ten additional TranXML schemas to support an open standard for Internet-enabled applications.

TranXML was developed as an open standard language and created specifically for the procurement and delivery of transportation and logistics services required for supply chain execution.

Industry participants can use TranXML for various trading partner relationships, including point-to-point, application service provider (ASP) models or e-marketplaces. The schemas released today include rail waybill, car handling request, car handling response, shipper car order, switch list, advance shipping notice, warehouse stock transfer, warehouse stock transfer receipt, warehouse shipping advice and inventory adjustment. Previous schemas released include load tendering, delivery, freight billing, reconciliation, scheduling/forecasting and equipment ordering.

"These additional TranXML schemas will allow shippers and carriers more flexibility in implementing new trading partner relationships," said John Lutz, director of standards of Transentric. "Users do not have to worry about conflicts in implementing TranXML because of our adherence to open standards and our future inclusion of the ebXML joint core components. TranXML represents the first step in collaborative commerce (c-commerce) in the transportation and logistics domain." Transentric is sponsoring the creation of, a nonprofit, independent organization to provide a collaborative forum for the development and maintenance of the standard. Its vision is to provide significant savings to trading partners by reducing the maintenance and development costs of supporting application data interfaces. The collaborative effort will encompass carriers, shippers and third parties to guarantee that business needs are met, facilitating inter-enterprise messaging in the transportation domain. is working with other XML standards groups, as well as ASC X12, UN CEFACT, UCC and the ebXML Joint Core Components workgroups in an effort to make TranXML interoperable with other standards. TranXML has endorsed the ebXML framework and the Message Service Specifications for Transport, Routing and Packing.

TranXML provides an easy and inexpensive way to implement new trading partner relationships and even enables users of traditional EDI to leverage their investments and extend their trading partner reach. Moreover, ASP companies are able to provide interoperability between disparate applications and ERP systems. In addition, businesses without EDI infrastructure can enable new trading partner communities using TranXML.

Transentric has authored a white paper on TranXML, which is currently available on its Web site at along with royalty-free downloadable versions of the TranXML schemas.

About Transentric

Formed in 1987 and located in St. Louis, Transentric enables supply chain improvement for a variety of companies. With 14 years of profitability and revenue growth, Transentric is building on its development of carrier software products and shipment management solutions to expand its portfolio of supply chain technology services. In addition to providing carrier solutions in the U.S. and Mexico, Transentric serves clients in trucking, paper, agriculture, chemicals, beverage and other industries. Customers include Starbucks, Quaker Oats, Weyerhaeuser, Bowater, Entergy, Lamb Weston and Wisconsin Central Transportation Company. Transentric LLC is a subsidiary of Union Pacific Corporation. For more information, visit

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See references in: "TranXML."

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