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TranXML from XMLSolutions and Transentric

Transentric Introduces Standard-based XML for Supply Chain Execution

Company Plans To Distribute Vendor-Neutral, Free Licenses

March 12, 2001.

TranXML, a new extensible markup language (XML) solution, is being proposed as the new industry standard for e-commerce related activities between shippers and carriers. It was created specifically for the procurement and delivery of transportation and logistics services required for supply chain execution. This groundbreaking work to introduce TranXML to the market was accomplished by Transentric, a leading supply chain and electronic message management company, based on the X.12 and XMLSolutions meta data repository. Transentric's goal for TranXML is to remove barriers and to dramatically increase the use of e-Commerce as it relates to transportation and logistics services.

During the last 25 years, large corporations have benefited from massive investments in their supply chain using electronic data interchange (EDI). Now via TranXML, it will be possible for organizations of all sizes to leverage and transform that meta data knowledge into a standardized set of XML structures. With a more approachable format to improve the flow of information between various internal and external applications, this new standard is expected to enable supply chain applications that will provide companies tremendous efficiency in their supply chains.

"Transportation is one of the key industries in the collaborative supply chain world because nothing moves without it, and TranXML should become the defacto standard for this and other related industries," said Kevin Kail, founder and president of XMLSolutions, during his keynote address at DISA's (Data Interchange Standards Association) E-Business and Internet conference on March 7. "It's our technology that makes it possible for companies like Transentric to create collaborative vocabularies for e-commerce such as TranXML."

"The largest obstacle to seamless data exchange has always been the lack of a common language supporting the flow of data to and from different applications," said Fred Domke, chief technology officer of Transentric. "Open-standard EDI formats such as X12 and EDIFACT have come the closest. TranXML takes it a step further because it leverages the benefits of XML and the Internet and is built specifically for the needs of transportation-related activities." Developed as an open standard, TranXML is designed to be vendor-neutral; and licenses will be available free of charge. Industry participants can use TranXML for various trading partner relationships, including point-to-point, application service provider (ASP) models or e-marketplaces. Benefits of TranXML will include an easy and inexpensive way to implement new trading partner relationships. TranXML will enable new trading relationships for users of traditional EDI. ASP companies will be able to provide interoperability between TranXML and traditional EDI.

Corporations without EDI infrastructure will be able to form new trading partners communities using TranXML. Initial TranXML schemas will be available for motor and rail carrier bill of lading, as well as tracing and status event reporting. Subsequent releases of TranXML will include schemas to support an open standard for Internet-enabled applications including load tendering, delivery, freight billing, reconciliation, scheduling/forecasting and equipment ordering.

The real impact of TranXML is that it will allow a neutral format that enables both carrier and shipper legacy systems to exchange data. Transentric's gateway will be able to convert any format (XML, X12, EDIFACT or flat file) using common domain business objects. Transentric will then be able to provide data in any format required by the trading partner's ERP or legacy system for logistics applications.

For more information, updates, and a copy of the schemas, send contact information to The first release of TranXML will be available in April [2001].

About Transentric

Formed in 1987 and located in St. Louis, Transentric enables supply chain improvement for a variety of companies. With 14 years of profitability and revenue growth, Transentric is building on its development of carrier software products and shipment management solutions to expand its portfolio of supply chain technology services. In addition to providing carrier solutions in the U.S. and Mexico, Transentric serves clients in trucking, paper, agriculture, chemicals, beverage and other industries. Customers include Bowater, Lamb Weston, Quaker Oats, Weyerhaeuser, Entergy and Wisconsin Central Transportation Company. Transentric is a part of Fenix, a technology holding company formed by Union Pacific Corporation. For more information, visit


For Transentric: Ketchum Public Relations
Tim Henschel

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See "TranXML."

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