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TIBCO XML Canon Supports Enterprise Metadata Management

TIBCO Delivers First Solution for Enterprise-Scale Management of Metadata

TIBCO XML Canon Sets the Standard for XML Enterprise Metadata Management

Palo Alto, California, USA. May 05, 2003.

TIBCO Software Inc., a leading enabler of Real-Time Business and the leading independent business integration software company in the world, as demonstrated by market share and analyst reports, has announced the first solution that gives customers the ability to manage and leverage their investment in XML enterprise metadata. With the general availability of TIBCO XML Canon 2.4, TIBCO extends its lead in offering the industry's most robust and comprehensive solution for enterprise-scale management of XML-based metadata. TIBCO's solution to manage and organize XML metadata lays the foundation to support industrial-strength business integration.

Metadata is methodology to describe a piece of data so it can be used and reused throughout an organization. A metadata description might include the data's name, location, perceived importance, quality or value to the enterprise, and its relationship to other data. The challenge is that each application has its own way of describing this data, so, to accurately catalog the relationships between them becomes a daunting task. Getting this right is essential to building a robust information infrastructure. According to Gartner, "The quality, accessibility and organization of a package's metadata will directly affect the cost of implementation, compatibility with an enterprise architecture integration strategy and the life cycle cost of the application." [Note]

TIBCO has solved this problem by using an industry-standard "canonical" data model that maps each piece of metadata against a central repository or "canon." Any application can use or reuse that metadata without worrying about how it will affect other applications, which ultimately translates into huge savings for enterprise customers.

"This technology is at the core of our strategy for enterprise integration," said Gautham Viswanathan, vice president of product marketing, TIBCO Software Inc. "Today, enterprise customers have little means to keep track of and control their metadata used by various applications. Business integration requires systems to track changes and identify system interdependencies. TIBCO XML Canon enables users to perform intelligent versioning of metadata across disparate applications."

TIBCO XML Canon brings two key benefits:

  • Metadata Management: With TIBCO XML Canon, business users can access and use the same meta-tagged information in multiple systems, and therefore significantly reduce costs of duplicate data. Until now, enterprise users had no way to share data that was organized using a metadata structure, for example, customer information stored within a CRM-system and an ERP-system. This resulted in substantial duplicate effort and increased inconsistency errors.

  • Logical Analysis: TIBCO XML Canon, built from the ground up based on XML standards, helps users quickly spot data dependencies, conflicts and issues, and perform an impact analysis. Previously, users had no easy way to identify system dependencies, which frequently resulted in delayed rollout schedules. Strict adherence to XML standards reduces costs of deploying and maintaining enterprise systems.

"TIBCO XML Canon has proved invaluable for managing the development of business XML vocabularies by members of the HR-XML consortium. Used daily, as a central point of collaboration and metadata management for the ongoing development of these standards, TIBCO XML Canon facilitates the integration of disparate IT systems through shared XML vocabularies and metadata." -- Chuck Allen, director, HR-XML consortium.

[Note] Gartner, Inc., "Metadata: Key to Application Definition and Management," J. Comport, 9-April-2003

About TIBCO Software Inc.

TIBCO Software Inc. is the leading independent business integration software company in the world, demonstrated by market share and analyst reports. In addition, TIBCO is a leading enabler of Real-Time Business, helping companies become more cost-effective, more agile and more efficient. TIBCO has delivered the value of real-time business, what TIBCO calls The Power of Now, to over 2,000 customers around the world and in a wide variety of industries. For more information on TIBCO's proven business integration, business optimization, and enterprise backbone solutions, TIBCO can be reached at 650-846-1000 or on the Web at TIBCO is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, USA.


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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