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Systinet WASP Version 4.5 Supports .NET

Systinet Announces New Release of Web Services Platform with Support for Latest Standards and Proven Interoperability with Microsoft .NET

Systinet WASP Web services platform for Java & C/C++ includes enhanced security and Active Directory support for Microsoft .NET endpoints

Cambridge, MA, USA. December 10, 2002.

Systinet, the leading independent provider of Web services infrastructure software, today announced a new release of its Java and C/C++ based Web services product suite with support for the latest standards, enabling seamless interoperability and security with Microsoft .NET. The new Systinet WASP (Web Applications and Services Platform) Version 4.5 is a direct response to strong market acceptance of the Microsoft .NET Framework. Through support of the latest Web services standards and rigorous interoperability testing, Systinet can ensure interoperability with Web services built using Microsoft .NET.

"We're very pleased to see Systinet implementing the latest Web services standards and rigorously testing that implementation to ensure interoperability with .NET," said Charles Fitzgerald, general manager of platform strategy at Microsoft. "XML Web services are the foundation for all new software development and interoperability across heterogeneous environments is a fundamental requirement."

"Recent research conducted by Evans Data Group shows that 63% of developers plan to use .NET in the next 12 months as the basis for creating Web services," said Roman Stanek, founder and CEO of Systinet. "Systinet clients such as JP Morgan Chase - who uses WASP to integrate data resources running on a variety of systems with other .NET-based financial applications -- demand interoperability across heterogeneous Web services environments."

Suite Features

The Systinet WASP product suite includes:

  • WASP Developer: A comprehensive set of tools for building and deploying Web services

  • WASP Server for Java and WASP Server for C++: Powerful SOAP runtime environments, which are platform-independent and provide comprehensive security and management functionality

  • WASP UDDI: A UDDI registry designed for private use within an enterprise or between trusted parties

  • WASP OEM Edition: A version of the WASP suite designed to be easily customized and embedded by ISVs and OEMs

Systinet WASP 4.5 builds on the success of the award-winning WASP 4.0 platform, described by eWeek in June 2002 as the "best and most sophisticated Web services solution for Java." "Primus selected Systinet WASP to embed in eServer and Answer Engine because it provides both a Java and C/C++ solution for Web services and interoperates so well with other Web services implementations, including .NET," said Anand Kumar, director of product development for Primus Knowledge Solutions, Inc. "Systinet WASP works anywhere - with any platform, operating system or other SOAP implementation - and that was a critical requirement for us when we considered adding Web services functionality to our products." "The Patricia Seybold Group's best scores for interoperability go to products that support both .NET and Java resources and make it easy to create Web Services that work across the J2EE and .NET environments," said Sue Aldrich, senior vice president and senior consultant of Patricia Seybold Group. "This cross-platform agnosticism is crucial to the success of Web Services. Systinet WASP's architecture provides the extensibility and adaptability that will be critical for Web services environments."

New WASP 4.5 features focused on Microsoft .NET

WASP 4.5 includes numerous standards-based features to ensure seamless interoperability with .NET and to leverage Windows servers as the underlying security provider for all Web services-based applications.

  • Standards Support and Testing for Proven .NET Interoperability: WASP 4.5 includes new and unique features that allow for seamless translation of complex data types, such as collections, between Java and .NET environments. These standards-based features and Systinet's extensive interoperability testing make it easy for Java applications to seamlessly interoperate with .NET applications.

  • Support for SOAP Attachments over DIME: WASP 4.5 adds support for DIME (Direct Internet Message Encapsulation), an emerging standard that streamlines the processing of binary attachments in Web services.

  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory and Kerberos via Web services: WASP 4.5 now provides unique support for Microsoft Active Directory, which enables WASP to authenticate users against Microsoft Active Directory. In addition, WASP 4.5 supports Kerberos, an essential security feature of Windows 2000 and Windows .NET Servers. Using Active Directory's Kerberos technology, a successful user logon to Windows can be securely and seamlessly reused by WASP - eliminating the need for additional logon actions for Web services applications.

Other Important Features in WASP 4.5

WASP 4.5 continues to provide the broadest support for industry standards, the best security infrastructure and the best portability for Java and C/C++ applications. In addition to .NET focused features, WASP 4.5 also includes:

  • Industry Leading Standards Support: WASP 4.5 supports the latest Web services standards, including SOAP 1.1; SOAP with Attachments (MIME and DIME); W3C SOAP 1.2; WSDL 1.1; UDDI 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 Notifications; W3C XML Schema; and W3C XML Signature.

  • Increased Productivity and Ease-of-Use: WASP 4.5 includes numerous new features and functions designed to increase developer productivity. Unlike competitive solutions that force developers to understand and use proprietary and costly toolkits, WASP Developer supports the latest versions of all popular Java IDEs, has streamlined APIs that greatly simplify the Web service creation process, and is free for commercial use. WASP Server also features new capabilities that make it easy to embed Web services technology directly into Java or C/C++ applications.

  • Most Complete Web Services Solution for C/C++: Systinet is the only company to provide a commercial solution for both Java and C/C++ Web services. WASP Server for C++ includes new and comprehensive security, including support for SSL (TLS) encryption, SSL Client Authentication, and HTTP Basic Authentication. The 4.5 release also includes new tools and utilities and debuggers that make it easier to build and deploy Web services, while a new browser-based management console supports remote configuration and monitoring.

  • UDDI V3 Support for Subscriptions and Notifications: One major drawback of today's UDDI V2 specification is that there is no mechanism for notifying subscribers to a Web service of changes to that service. Systinet is the first to support both asynchronous and synchronous UDDI subscriptions, as specified in the UDDI V3 standard. WASP UDDI also supports all best practices defined by the consortium.

  • Industry's Best Performance and Scalability: Using our pioneering pull-parsing technology, WASP 4.5 continues to lead the industry with performance that is up to 10x that of competitive Java solutions.

  • Cost Effective: WASP is free for development and testing, has a no-cost license option, and has a flexible, cost-effective licensing model for enterprise and ISV/OEM deployments.

WASP 4.5 Availability

The 4.5 release of WASP Server for C++ and WASP UDDI will become available on Friday, December 13. Beta versions of WASP Server for Java, WASP Developer, and WASP OEM Edition will be available in December, with full release scheduled for January 2003.

About Systinet Corporation

Systinet provides Web services infrastructure software. Systinet's products make it easy for enterprises to build, deploy, secure and manage Web services. The Systinet WASP suite of products is based on industry-standards such as XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI. WASP products are available for Java and C/C++, interoperate seamlessly with other Web services implementations such as Microsoft .NET, and are portable across a wide variety of platforms and servers. With over 20,000 registered users and hundreds of live deployments, Systinet's clients include Deutsche Telekom, Entergy, Ericsson, Interwoven, JP Morgan, Mercator, and SAIC. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, Systinet is a privately-held company. In 2002, Systinet announced venture funding of $21 million from Warburg Pincus.

To find out how Systinet can help your business, visit, call 1-617-868-2224, or email us at

About Microsoft Corporation

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software -- any time, any place and on any device.


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