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Systinet UDDI Registry Beta Program

WASP UDDI 5.0 Beta: Support for OASIS UDDI V3 Specification

Cambridge, MA, USA. April 21, 2004.

Systinet has announced the Beta availability of WASP UDDI, 5.0, with full support for the OASIS UDDI V3 Specification.

What's New in WASP UDDI, 5.0 Beta

Full Support for the OASIS UDDI V3 Specification

Systinet WASP UDDI is the first and only commercial registry to fully support the latest V3 specification, which provides new functionality specifically for private, enterprise deployments.

Full Support for Digital Signatures

A major advancement in the Version 3 specification is the support for digital signatures. By allowing UDDI entities to be digitally signed, a new level of data integrity and authenticity is delivered by UDDI. Inquirers of a registry can now filter their queries, only requesting data that has in fact been signed. When an inquirer then retrieves and verifies data from a registry, the inquirer can be confident that the data is exactly as the publisher intended it.

Support for Policies

Using the policy guide that is now part of the Version 3 specification, different UDDI implementations can mold a particular registry given its context. Some UDDI aspects that have been identified as policy decisions include the following: authorization models, data custody and confidentiality, key generation, value set validation, subscription, user publication limits, and audit policy.

Extended Discovery Functionality

V3 makes is much easier to search and discover a relevant services. Now it is possible to conduct multi-step queries, use new qualifiers, wildcards and also to sort and handle large result flows.

Subscriptions API

The subscription API set also provides for tracking registry activity and has been updated to support multi-registry environments. In such a way, users can establish a subscription based on a specific query or set of entities that the user is interested in. In the case of a query-based subscription, if the result set changes within a given time span, the user is notified. In the case of entity-based subscription, if the contents of one of those entities were to change, the user is notified.

Support For Multiple Registries

UDDI Version 3 introduces the notions of root and affiliate registries. The existence of a root registry enables its affiliates to share data with the root registry and among themselves with the knowledge that keys remain unique. The notion of registry topologies is thus enabled.

Human-Friendly, URI-Based Keys

Alongside the ability to promote keys across registries is a new format for UDDI keys, making it possible to create logical and readable naming systems. These human-friendly keys allow organizations to manage their own key space using internally established conventions and structures.

Customizable UI

Systinet provides unique functionality that makes it easy to customize the UI and provide user-appropriate view of registry information.

How to Download

For more information and download, visit:

For full information about the WASP 5.0 Beta program, visit:


Zdenek Svoboda
Product Manager, Systinet Corp.

Ian Bruce
Tel: +1 (617) 768-4245
Fax: +1 (617) 621-1168

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Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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