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Software AG Natural Platform Supports XML

Software AG's Natural Mainframe Development Platform Now Supports XML

XML Document Creation and Processing Capability in Natural Version 4 Helps Extend Powerful Mainframe Applications Into the Future

Reston, VA, USA. April 22, 2003.

Software AG, Inc., a pioneer in XML solutions, today announced that version 4 of its Natural 4GL development platform for mainframes now supports the creation and processing of Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents. Support for XML in Natural Version 4 allows developers to bring mainframe applications into the future by extending them directly to the Internet, the Web and Web services.

"Given the reality of extraordinarily tight IT budgets, one of our most important objectives is to help organizations extend and expand the value they are receiving from their current infrastructure," said Joe Gentry, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Software AG, Inc. "The ability of Natural Version 4 to process XML documents immediately- brings this reliable and widely-used development platform into the realm of many new possibilities."

In addition to supporting XML, Natural Version 4 provides several other important new capabilities, including improved overall application performance, accelerated and simplified access to Software AG's Adabas by other databases, the ability to develop applications for a UNIX production environment using a Windows desktop, and expanded interoperability between Natural for IBM's OS/390 or z/OS and Natural for Linux. Specifically:

  • Through Natural Version 4's remote development architecture - Single Point of Development (SPoD) - applications for a (UNIX or mainframe) target platform can be developed using an instance of Natural on Windows. This capability combines the flexibility and productivity of the Windows desktop for development activities with the stability and performance of mainframe and Unix platforms for production.

  • Natural Version 4 for OS/390 or z/OS can be extended with the current version 5 (or the forthcoming version 6) of Natural for Linux on the same machine. This two-tier architecture allows the stability and performance of Natural for OS/390 or z/OS to complement the enhanced browser support, Web access and Tamino XML Server query capabilities of Natural for Linux.

  • Runtime performance is significantly enhanced through Natural Version 4's improved object-code-handling techniques, redesigned execution algorithms, widened access paths, increased buffer sizes, use of 64-Bit technology (z/OS only) and a completely new version of the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) server.

  • Access to Software AG's Adabas by other mainframe applications is accelerated and simplified through Natural Version 4's support for dynamic changes in read directions and dynamic re-positioning within read loops, and by Natural's ability to capitalize on Adabas's read-ahead (multi-fetch) capability.

Natural Version 4 for OS/390, z/OS, VASE'S, VM/CMS and BS2000/OSD is now available as a controlled release to registered customers. The general release is scheduled for September 2003.

About Software AG, Inc.

Based in Reston, Va., Software AG, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Software AG, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany. Founded in 1969, Software AG continues to be Europe's largest and a leading global provider of system software and services enabling enterprise data integration and management. Software AG's products control the central IT processes of thousands of renowned companies worldwide including Delta Airlines, Citibank, Merck and Sony. Software AG develops products and solutions that support the XML (Extensible Markup Language) standard. XML simplifies the exchange of documents and data as well as the integration of cutting-edge Web applications into traditional IT architectures. Software AG works with such sales and technology partners as IBM, Sun, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, BEA and Stellent. In 2002, the corporation achieved 475 million euros in total revenue. Software AG has offices in over 70 countries and currently employs a staff of about 3,000.


Sunny Lauritzen
DDB Public Relations for Software AG, Inc.
Tel: +1 206.447.1213

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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