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XML Schema Compilation Project on SourceForge

Date:      Thu, 20 Apr 2000 10:29:47 -0600
From:      "Arnold, Curt" <>
To:        "''" <>,
Subject:   ANN: XML Schema Compilation Project on SourceForge

You are invited to join a project to an open-source XSLT-based compiler for XML Schema.

The XML Schema "compiler" project intends to provide a reference implementations (and potentially other) of schema processing to produce:

  1. analysis of errors in the source schema.

  2. a compiled form of the schema that contains the expansion of inclusions, imports, complexType derivations, etc, in a form that closely related to the information set necessary for a parser to validate a conforming document. The compiled form should help reduce the potential for hacking by attacking resources used in the schema definition.

  3. transliteration (as much as possible) of XML schema constraints to other validation mechanisms such as Schematron or RELAX.

  4. generation of documentation for schemas.

  5. provide a forum to discuss schema related issues.

  6. provide feedback to the W3C XML Schema working group.

  7. assist the development of schema-aware (and/or compiled schema-aware) parsers.

The project is hosted at SourceForge at: (project XSDComp).

The mailing list should be active in a few hours and I'll be posting the first files to the CVS system this afternoon. Please visit the public forums to introduce yourself (in the developer) forum or to see an overview in the Open Discussion forum.

Have a great holiday.

p.s. There were some missing attributes (such as a name on attribute) in the HTMLHelp for Schema that I published yesterday. It was done by a quick XSLT transform that converted the schema for schema back into the May 99 working draft that my inhouse schema doc tool still uses. I'll probably redo it in a week or so based on the work here.

Note: If the link listed doesn't work, go to The project may still be in the recent projects list at right of page or you can search for XML.

Eventual homepage will be, but is currently still at its default state.

I should have the preprocessor and first pass in the CVS this afternoon which can be browsed from the project site.

This is xml-dev, the mailing list for XML developers.
List archives are available at

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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