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Automotive Retail Industry Standards

Automotive Retail Industry Standards

Open Applications Group Selected to Develop Business Collaborations and XML Messages Based on OAGIS

Technical Infrastructure to be Based on ebXML

Atlanta, GA, USA. July 9, 2001.

The Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) Consortium Selects the Open Applications Group to Design XML Business Messages Based on Their OAGIS specification, and a Technical Infrastructure Based on ebXML for Auto Manufacturers, Business Partners and Over 20,000 U.S. Automobile Dealers.

The Open Applications Group, Inc. (OAGI), the largest publisher of XML-based business messages in the world, today announced they have been selected by the Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) consortium as their development partner for their next generation business language and data messaging architecture. The two organizations have formed a collaborative initiative to design XML (Extensible Markup Language) based messages conforming to and extending the OAGIS specification, the Open Applications Group's library of specifications for eBusiness and Application Integration.

The STAR consortium seeks to facilitate cost-effective communications between dealerships and auto manufacturers. Millions of messages flow daily between the two as they sell and repair vehicles while fulfilling their customers' transportation needs. The STAR/XML project will enhance current systems, making them more timely, easier to use, and more automated.

The STAR/XML initiative will use the standard collaborations and messages from the OAGIS specification and will also build new collaborations and messages specifically for the STAR constituency. In addition, OAGI architects and technologists, working with domain experts from the auto industry, will design a standardized infrastructure to streamline business data flowing between auto dealerships, manufacturers and other auto distribution "value chain" companies. This infrastructure will be Internet based and utilize elements of the recently approved ebXML specification, which is a B2B protocol recently approved by the United Nations. The results of this initiative will enable STAR members to conduct business in real time by communicating data in common terms using standardized business processes.

"This initiative builds on existing OAGIS work and enables immediate interoperability with other B2B initiatives in the auto industry using OAGIS, such as Covisint." said David Connelly, OAGI's president and chief executive officer.

"The project will also produce one of the first production deployments of B2B applications based on ebXML technology. OAGI and its member companies, all leaders in e-Commerce, are proud to be able to work with the auto industry to deploy a state of the art solution that will materially reduce costs and increase agility in the auto industry".

"STAR is the IT standards organization for the North American retail automotive industry, and it is driving this project to ensure a common solution for our industry's Web-based applications are developed quickly", said Vic Zappia, Chair of STAR and Sr. System Analyst at American Suzuki Motor Corporation. "Consulting with OAGI for the initial phase of this project allows us to adopt proven XML standards' practices from other industries with STAR as the driving force behind this project."

About the Open Applications Group

The Open Applications Group is a non-profit consortium focusing on best practices and process-based XML content for e-Business and Application Integration. It is the largest publishers of XML-based content for business software interoperability in the world. Open Application Group, Inc. members have over six years of extensive experience building this industry consensus based framework for business software application interoperability and have developed a repeatable process for quickly developing high-quality business content and XML representations of that content.

For free downloadable copies of OAGIS Release 7.1, or to learn about other OAGI industry activities and resources, visit the OAGI website at, or you can contact the organization by e-mail at

About Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR)

The Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) organization is the Information Technology (IT) standards body for the retail automotive industry. The goal of STAR is to use voluntary IT standards as a catalyst to fulfill the business information needs of dealers and manufacturers, thus reducing the time and effort previously required supporting this activity.

Collectively, the group develops industry standards and researches emerging technologies for the benefit of its members. Its mission is to establish voluntary industry standards for the exchange, management and integration of information that support the management, delivery and evaluation of retail automobile products and services. Specifically, the group is designed to create flexible, cost effective standards and methodologies for interoperability between IT systems.

Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, STAR is a not-for-profit volunteer organization and its members include Dealers, Manufacturers and Retail System Providers (RSPs). As members, they are interested in developing, promoting, and administering voluntary IT standards in the retail automotive industry and improving the effectiveness, timeliness and competitiveness of the IT solutions needed within the retail automotive industry. To learn more about STAR or membership, visit the STAR web site at or you can contact the organization by e-mail at,

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See: "Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR)."

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