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SAP NetWeaver Supports RosettaNet and CIDX Data Exchange Standards

SAP Unleashes Cross-Enterprise Collaboration with Out-of-the-Box Support of Industry Standards

New Business Content for SAP NetWeaver Enables Immediate Support of Data Exchange Standards Such as RosettaNet and CIDX

Walldorf, Germany. June 11, 2003.

SAP AG today announced industry-specific enhancements for the SAP NetWeaver integration and application platform that will help companies in diverse vertical industries accelerate cross-enterprise business processes and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). SAP is expanding the integration capabilities of SAP NetWeaver with add-on packages comprising pre-configured, industry-specific business content and out-of-the-box support for XML-based data exchange standards of diverse industries. Beginning with offerings for the high tech and chemicals industries -- providing native support for RosettaNet and Chem eStandards, as well as pre-configured mappings for the most common EDI standards -- the pre-packaged business content in SAP NetWeaver will allow companies to avoid costly, time-consuming integration projects, and quickly and easily enable their IT systems to exchange information in the lingua franca of their respective industries.

As companies extend their business processes to better collaborate with customers, partners, and suppliers, the exchange of business information across enterprises and applications becomes increasingly complex, compelling trade organizations in many industries to set standards for electronic communication. SAP is playing an active role in standards developments to support interoperability between business applications, and is now leveraging the integration strengths of SAP NetWeaver to deepen its commitment to meeting industry-specific business needs. SAP NetWeaver will provide native support for technical- and business-related standards for various industries, enabling customers to benefit from rapid standards adoption in one platform.

"The new industry-specific capabilities of SAP NetWeaver are a result of SAP's extensive industry expertise and years of working with leading companies and standards organizations to address the current and future business challenges in their markets," said Nils Herzberg, senior vice president, Manufacturing & Distribution, SAP. "Helping companies create highly integrated business networks at lower TCO is part of SAP's market-leading commitment to industry-specific solutions. Since the new business content for SAP NetWeaver is delivered as industry-specific standards support, SAP is helping customers accelerate deployments and increase the return on their IT investments."

The industry-specific business content extends SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI), a software component of SAP NetWeaver. SAP XI provides an open business process integration technology platform that supports process-centric collaboration between SAP and non-SAP systems and applications, both within and beyond the enterprise. SAP XI defines the interfaces and XML mappings required for specific business scenarios to manage message exchange, and transform message contents between sender and receiver systems for efficient cross-system collaborative processes. SAP XI offers the capability to deliver industry standard compliant business scenarios as well as the ability to orchestrate industry standard adherent business processes. The technology foundation for all SAP solutions, SAP NetWeaver unifies and aligns people, information, and processes across organizational and technological boundaries. Designed to be completely open, SAP NetWeaver easily integrates information and applications from virtually any source and interoperates with Microsoft .NET, Sun's J2EE, and IBM WebSphere.


The RosettaNet standard helps high tech companies such as leading semiconductor supplier STMicroelectronics conduct business more efficiently with greater visibility and exchange of information along the supply chain. Based on XML, the RosettaNet e-business process standards automate tasks such as collaborative demand forecasting, order management, shipping and receiving, and invoicing and payments. SAP's support for RosettaNet in SAP NetWeaver will include an RNIF (RosettaNet Implementation Framework) 2.0 adapter, mappings from SAP R/3 and other SAP applications to the RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes (PIPs), RosettaNet message choreography as pre-delivered business scenarios, the ability to maintain trading partner information as well as business process management and error handling capabilities.

"Implementing RosettaNet has helped STMicroelectronics to automate and streamline its e-business processes by enabling real-time information access and more efficient collaboration across our global supply chain," said Jean-Claude Monney, vice president of IT Strategies and e-Business at STMicroelectronics and ST's representative on the RosettaNet Electronics Components Board of Directors.

"As a founding member of RosettaNet's Information Technology (IT) and Solution Provider (SP) Boards, SAP has supported RosettaNet's development with its resources and industry expertise," said Jennifer Hamilton, CEO of RosettaNet. "We acknowledge SAP's continuing commitment to RosettaNet and are pleased with the delivery of solutions to the marketplace that will help improve business processes, resulting in greater efficiencies across the global trading network."


The Chem eStandards were established by the trade association and standards body CIDX (Chemical Industry Data Exchange) to accelerate collaborative processes in areas such as logistics, order management, and invoicing. Top ten global chemicals companies such as The Dow Chemical Company and DuPont plan to implement SAP solutions to support the Chem eStandards.

"The technology advances by SAP in their integration and application platform are setting the pace in the industry," said Bob Ridout, vice president of IT and CIO, of the DuPont Company. "This, along with their strong commitment to cybersecurity, makes me feel good about our selection of SAP."

"Support of Chem eStandards is essential to our industry, where the 'enterprise' in ERP now means the 'total supply chain,'" said Dave Kepler, corporate vice president and CIO of The Dow Chemical Company. "SAP's support for Chem eStandards addresses our IT needs for enhanced collaboration through faster information exchange and will allow us to connect better with customers, suppliers, and partners in our extended supply chain. SAP's technology vision provides critical building blocks for implementing our business strategy."

To more fully support improved ease, speed and cost of transacting business electronically, CIDX is beginning to develop business process guidelines for use in conjunction with the transactional message standards. SAP will participate on CIDX project teams developing business process guidelines for the order-to-cash and collaborative replenishment planning (CRP) processes, as well as a cross-industry project with the paper industry to develop common logistics business process guidelines and transactional messages between paper and chemical producers. SAP is also a founding member of CIDX's recently launched Cybersecurity Practices, Standards and Technology Initiative.

"SAP continues to be a proactive and valued contributor to the Chem eStandards Initiative," said Patricia Simmons, executive director of CIDX. "Their out-of-the-box mapping and support for Chem eStandards directly addresses a critical industry need."

First deliveries of the high tech and chemical industry packages in SAP NetWeaver, supporting RosettaNet and Chem eStandards, are planned for the end of 2003.

Content to Support EDI

SAP will also provide further industry support with adaptor packages for SAP Exchange Infrastructure. Industries such as automotive, high tech, aerospace and defense with a long and proven history in electronic data interchange (EDI) will highly benefit from direct EDI support and industry specific content. As part of these adapter packages, pre-configured mappings for the most common EDI standards -- such as ANSI, EDIFact, and Odette -- will significantly decrease EDI implementation costs and speed up deployments.

Commitment to Data Exchange Standards Across Various Industries

In addition to RosettaNet and the Chem eStandards, SAP supports industry data exchange standards UCCnet (consumer products and retail industries), papiNet (paper industry), HL7 (health care), and PIDX (petroleum), and is helping to drive enhanced compatibility of applications and business processes in close cooperation with vertical- and cross-industry standards initiatives such as ACORD (insurance), AIAG (automotive), CWM (business intelligence), GCI (consumer products and retail), HR-XML (human resources), OPC (process industries), SPEC2000, (aerospace and defense), S.W.I.F.T. (banking), TWIST (treasury), VICS (supply chain management), and XBRL (accounting).

SAP is also a major contributor to ebXML Core Components and Universal Business Language (UBL) and believes that broad adoption of these specifications will help increase interoperability of IT systems and software applications, especially across industries. The adoption of these specifications by the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) paves the road for next-generation, XML-based e-business standards.

Next Major Event: SAPPHIRE '03 Orlando

Leading small, midsized, and large enterprises from around the world will outline how they use SAP solutions to achieve business success at SAPPHIRE '03, SAP's international customer conference being held in Orlando, Florida, June 16-18. SAP is offering a press and analyst education session on standards support in SAP NetWeaver at SAPPHIRE '03 on Wednesday, June 18, from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. EDT.

About SAP

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Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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