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RosettaNet Software Interoperability Trials

RosettaNet Announces Successful Completion of Software Interoperability Trials

10 Solution Providers Participate in Program to Enable Mass Adoption of RosettaNet Standards Through Reduced Time and Costs

Santa Ana, California, USA. February 26, 2003.

RosettaNet, the high technology industry's leading e-business standards consortium, today announced the successful completion of the RosettaNet Software Interoperability Trials.

The trials are part of the RosettaNet Interoperability Program, which seeks to improve software and implementation interoperability within the RosettaNet trading network through collateral, education and testing activities.

The Software Interoperability Trials tested RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF) connectivity software from 10 different vendors, including Cyclone Commerce, Fujitsu Limited, GridNode, Global eXchange Services, iSoft, Oracle Corp., Sterling Commerce, TIBCO Software, Vitria and webMethods Inc. Drake Certivo Inc., a vendor-neutral third party specializing in compliance and interoperability testing, administered the RosettaNet trials.

In 2001, RosettaNet Supply Chain Partners identified interoperability as an important next step in the B2B evolution, underscoring that a competitive marketplace of interoperable solutions will enable mass adoption by companies of all sizes. In response, the RosettaNet Solution Provider Board launched the consortium's formal Interoperability Program, led by Oracle Corp. RosettaNet Partners spanning all Boards joined in support of the initiative, including member companies such as Agilent, Arrow, Cisco, Intel and Motorola.

"Intel believes that RosettaNet interoperability and compliance programs have been successful in accelerating the adoption of RosettaNet standards," said Charles Goodwin, director of Intel's Private e-Market Office. "Intel supports these initiatives and has hosted multiple Interoperability Fests because of our belief that business-to-business integration fundamentally improves efficiencies and productivity across the supply chain."

"The ultimate goal of the RosettaNet trials was to further advance software-to-software interoperability activities, thereby reducing implementation costs and the time it takes for trading partners to connect," said Jennifer Hamilton, RosettaNet CEO. "I am pleased to announce the results, which confirm that all 10 participants were awarded successful completion. Furthermore, on behalf of the RosettaNet community, I would like to acknowledge the collaborative efforts of the trial participants and exceptional leadership by Oracle Corp. and others."

During the RosettaNet Software Interoperability Trials, each of the 10 companies was required to successfully perform a suite of 36 test scenarios with every other participant. The scenarios were created based on extensive feedback from current users of RosettaNet, and ranged from sending and receiving generic test RosettaNet Business Messages over HTTP, to adding incremental security layers, and supporting message attachments.

In the self-testing phase of the trial, participants ran tests with the RosettaNet Ready self-test kit, an application that provides a reference model and tests required to measure compliance with RNIF and RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes (PIPs). This software compliance tool is available at no cost to the public on RosettaNet's Web site.

The RosettaNet Ready program also offers solution providers the opportunity to earn Software Compliance Badges, which signify that products have successfully met rigorous requirements and are compliant with specific RosettaNet standards. To date, several companies have been awarded badges for their software solutions: GridNode, GridTalk v1.3.9; Inovis, Inovis: Process v4.7; and webMethods Inc., webMethods RosettaNet Modules v6.0.1.

Solution providers leading the RosettaNet Ready compliance program in 2003 include Global eXchange Services (GXS), Hitachi, Sterling Commerce and TIBCO Software.

Complete details and results of the RosettaNet Software Interoperability Trial can be found in the published report, available on the RosettaNet Web site ( RosettaNet's newly published Interoperability white paper is also now available.

About RosettaNet

RosettaNet is an independent, non-profit consortium dedicated to the collaborative development and rapid deployment of open Internet-based business standards that align processes within the global high technology and telecommunications trading networks. More than 450 companies, representing more than US$1 trillion in annual information technology, electronic components and semiconductor manufacturing revenues, currently participate in RosettaNet's standards development, strategy and implementation activities. Information on RosettaNet's worldwide activities in the Americas, Europe and Asia, including a complete list of Partner companies, is available at RosettaNet is an independent subsidiary of the Uniform Code Council Inc. (UCC).


Lynda Yana
Tel: +1 714/480-3806

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See additional references in the news story of 2003-02-26: "RosettaNet Software Interoperability Trials Test RNIF Connectivity Software." General references: "RosettaNet."

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