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RosettaNet Joins Business Internet Consortium

RosettaNet Joins Business Internet Consortium

Joint Effort to Coordinate Convergence Efforts Within the Business Internet Consortium XML Workgroup

Portland, OR, USA. June 18, 2001.

The Business Internet Consortium, an open-industry group formed to develop cross-industry eBusiness implementation guidelines, today announced that RosettaNet joined the Consortium to help drive XML standard convergence activities in the industry. RosettaNet's membership pairs the efforts of these two leading eBusiness consortia to effectively promote supply chain interoperability.

RosettaNet brings a substantial body of eBusiness XML standards expertise, research and results to the Business Internet Consortium's effort. RosettaNet represents more than 400 companies committed to the implementation of eBusiness process standards for the information technology, electronic components and semiconductor manufacturing industries. By joining the Business Internet Consortium, RosettaNet will share its learnings with other industries looking to standardize their respective business processes.

"XML is becoming the de facto language of eBusiness, yet customers need interoperable solutions, not more proprietary technology," said Colin Evans, Intel Director of eBusiness Standards. "RosettaNet is successfully creating Internet eBusiness processes with hundreds of companies in high tech industries. By joining the Business Internet Consortium, RosettaNet helps to drive convergence on XML implementations and allows their experience to benefit BIC members such as Ford Motor Company and Charles Schwab."

The Business Internet Consortium XML-based eBusiness Standard Convergence Workgroup is incorporating customer requirements to develop a generic XML-based standards reference stack and best practice guidelines for B2B processes, as well as a roadmap for businesses to migrate to the stack. The Workgroup expects to make recommendations to various standards bodies, such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and OASIS.

"For B2B eBusiness to become pervasive, it requires the availability of common vertical and horizontal business process and supporting standards," said Jennifer Hamilton, RosettaNet CEO. "RosettaNet seeks to expand its leadership role within the eBusiness standards space to reduce confusion and bring clarity around various B2B initiatives in the marketplace. Our work with BIC will help extend ongoing XML standards convergence efforts to those being carried out by the consortium's member companies representing a wide variety of industries."

About RosettaNet

RosettaNet is an independent, non-profit consortium dedicated to the collaborative development and rapid deployment of open, Internet-based business standards that align processes within the global high-technology trading network.

More than 400 companies representing over $1 trillion in annual Information Technology, Electronic Components and Semiconductor Manufacturing revenues currently participate in RosettaNet's standards development, strategy and implementation activities. A complete list of partner companies and more information on RosettaNet can be found at

About The Business Internet Consortium

The Business Internet Consortium serves as a forum for customers to engage with technology providers, for members to address emerging technology issues, and to accelerate the adoption and deployment of next generation eBusiness solutions. Aimed at promoting the advancement of the industry toward the next generation of Internet business, the Business Internet Consortium will help provide solutions to these issues by: Providing a forum for customer input; forming workgroups to tackle critical issues; recommending architectural direction; providing standards and technology recommendations; and proposing best practices. More information about the consortium and its initial projects can be found at

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See the discussion and references.

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