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Republica Releases X-Fetch Performer 2.1, Accelerating XML Application Development

Republica is proud to announce the release of its improved real-time XML processor X-Fetch Performer 2.1, making X-Fetch Performer one of the most advanced XML processing technologies currently available while further reducing the required implementation and maintenance effort to a minimum!

X-Fetch Performer is a leading edge, run-time configurable solution for parsing and validating data from XML sources and forwarding this data to software components that can remain completely independent of the XML standard.

X-Fetch Performer is especially focused at XML application developers, designed to overcome the high maintenance demands as well as the performance problems associated with currently wide-spread SAX and DOM parsers: the lack of speed of these solutions and the inability of these solutions to process large XML files or continuous XML streams - both in XML parsing and XML Transformations.

The data streaming capabilities of X-Fetch Performer provide local random access to XML data: critical information contained in an XML document can be directly applied without having to load the entire document. Furthermore, a low and constant memory usage is guaranteed, resulting in the ability to process huge XML files, even continuous XML streams in real-time. With XPath-based configuration and configurable streaming as well as allowing software logic to be independent of the XML standard via data binding, the maintenance and implementation effort is now reduced to a minimum. X-Fetch Performer allows solutions to be modular and ready to react to changes in their environment. This leads to drastic cost reductions for applications that need to leverage - filter, order and route - XML content in a time-critical manner. All this combined with compatibility with SAX and DOM solutions makes X-Fetch Performer an ideal tool for the enhanced reuse of existing and tested software components and offers clear benefits to support rapid, low-maintenance/fast-implementation XML application development.

Benchmarking X-Fetch Performer

A new benchmark research is available where X-Fetch Performer was tested against the leading solutions like Crimson, JDOM, Xerces and EXML, to name a few. A copy of this report can be collected from

Results show X-Fetch Performer exceeding in low memory usage. Furthermore, the performance of processing is not compromised, even when taking into consideration that X-Fetch Performer comes with additional features like:

  • Streaming XML
  • Real-time configuration
  • Dynamic data binding and
  • Content-based routing and filtering

X-Fetch Performer offers better control over your application with less maintenance effort; this is why X-Fetch Performer can be considered a true asset for speeding up your XML application development. More information about X-Fetch Performer can be obtained from

Evaluate X-Fetch Performer

A 30-day evaluation download package is available from The evaluation package contains the software as well as all the documentation, tutorial and examples to help you get started and comes with helpdesk support in order to guarantee a problem-free evaluation of the most advanced XML processor currently available!

X-Fetch Suite: Free For Non-Commercial Use

Republica now offers an unlimited version of X-Fetch Suite, which includes X-Fetch Performer, X-Fetch Wrapper, X-Fetch AgentServer and X-Fetch Unifier, free for evaluation and private, non-commercial use. For more details, contact


With the release of X-Fetch Performer 2.1, Republica has changed its licensing. X-Fetch Performer no longer requires a run-time license for generated applications with X-Fetch Performer so long as they are deployed in the context of a customer's application.

In order to utilize X-Fetch Performer, a single developer license needs to be bought for each developer 'seat' who will be using X-Fetch Performer.

X-Fetch Performer developer license, single seat, 3 months support: 99 Euros
X-Fetch Performer developer team license, 5 seats, 3 months support: 399 Euros
X-Fetch Performer developer team license, 10 seats, 3 months support: 599 Euros

For a site license price as well as ASP and OEM pricing of X-Fetch Performer, please contact our sales department at

[Source: from Ulla Reinikainen,]

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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