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RapidMAP and RapidMODEL

Core Integration Automates Data Warehouse Construction

Firm's Suite of Rapid Deployment Solutions Can Cut Development Time up to 70 Percent

Denver, CO, USA. November 25, 2002.

Core Integration Partners, Inc., a leading provider of business intelligence and data integration services, today introduced its rapid deployment suite of solutions: RapidMAP and RapidMODEL. These "Wizards" automate the building of baseline data flow diagrams and data models, tedious processes in the construction of a data warehouse that previously could be done only by hand. By using these solutions, Core Integration estimates it can shave up to 70 percent or more off development times.

"The savings in time and money related to design and implementation are quite significant," said Daniel Linstedt, chief technology officer of Core Integration, who developed the automated processes, or "Wizards."

These rapid deployment solutions allow developers to produce in a matter of minutes what takes from days to even months to do manually.

RapidMAP helps developers automatically create basic source-to-target mappings that can be integrated into Informatica's PowerMart and PowerCenter data integration platforms. Once source systems are identified, RapidMAP will generate XML that contains mapping information for all identified source-to-target relationships. At a recent web seminar, Core Integration demonstrated that RapidMAP can create 1,100 Informatica mappings in approximately three minutes. It would normally take around two weeks to produce the same results manually.

"About 60 percent of a data warehouse project is spent doing the ETL (extraction, transfer and load) portion," said Linstedt. "By using RapidMAP, we have shortened this piece dramatically so we can spend more time doing business analyses and other, more important, project functions."

RapidMODEL can be automatically applied in stage area modeling, data warehouses and data marts. And, when new modeling efforts are required, the same, consistent, repeatable process can be utilized.

Linstedt said that in a recent RapidMODEL consulting engagement, approximately 1,100 tables were supplied and that within the first 10 minutes, the initial data model was generated -- for over 90 percent of the data model. Also, RapidMAP can be implemented in conjunction with RapidMODEL.

"This is the baseline from which we go out and modify to meet a particular customer's needs. None of this automation will ever replace customization, but the Wizards allow you to start customizing the design much sooner than before," said Linstedt

RapidMAP and RapidMODEL are compliant with several major software products that utilize XML to define process flows, including Informatica, the most widely used tool in ETL, Oracle, and MSSQLServer that read XML database schemas.

Core Integration also has launched a rapid deployment solution known as RapidEIS, a methodology created specifically to speed the development and improve applications for an Executive Information System under the Brio.Query product. Toby Kuivila, one of Core Integration's lead Brio consultants and author of RapidEIS, said RapidEIS can deliver an EIS interface in one-third the time of the traditional EIS development practices; that it requires no special attention when new versions of Brio.Query are released; and that it allows the work to be done by less experienced staff because RapidEIS hides much of the complexity that can overwhelm a developer.

RapidMAP and RapidMODEL are targeted for release in Q1 of 2003 and will be available from Core Integration's consulting practice. RapidEIS version 2.0 is available immediately and is sold as a standalone product.

The company plans to launch additional solutions to their rapid deployment suite at a later date, including baseline creation of data marts and star schemas.

About Core Integration Partners, Inc.

Core Integration Partners, Inc. is a full-service provider of software and consulting solutions for data warehousing, data integration and business intelligence to Fortune 1000 companies. Core Integration's solutions incorporate highly experienced teams of consultants and the company's proprietary The Matrix Methodology for data warehousing and data movement that is the first methodology of its type to conform to SEI specifications and provides a consistent, repeatable process for building data warehouses across any industry. The patent-pending Data Vault technology is at the heart of The Matrix and uses a revolutionary way of modeling and architecting data. Core is also a top reseller of industry-leading data warehousing and analytic tools. Core Integration Partners, Inc., founded in 1999, is based in Denver. For more information, visit the company Web site at


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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