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PureEdge XML E-Forms

PureEdge's Secure XML E-Forms Product Features Expanded

Enhanced Accessibility and Internationalization

Victoria, BC. July 8, 2002.

PureEdge Solutions announced today new versions of its three key products: an XML e-forms Viewer, Designer and API (Application Programmers Interface), all part of PureEdge's Internet Commerce System. The new release provides greater accessibility to the visually impaired, French-language compatibility, an architecture that supports the addition of more languages, and additional security features.

Leading analysts have estimated that billions of dollars are spent each year printing and processing millions of paper forms in North America. As cost-effective electronic forms are more widely adopted, customers are looking for products that can be used by everyone.

"These product releases add new functionality for government and enterprise," said Brian Nutt, COO. "Organizations need full compliance with accessibility regulations and additional language capabilities. These versions give them both-- and more."

PureEdge Viewer 5.0 is used to view and fill electronic forms. This new version has added full support for the JAWS screen reader, improving Section 508 accessibility for the visually impaired and blind. The ability to control the order of information read aloud ensures a meaningful listening experience for users. Display characteristics can also be set for the visually impaired. As well, the Viewer can now be used with the keyboard (or equivalent) alone, providing enhanced accessibility for those unable to use a mouse.

PureEdge's powerful API 5.0 (Application Programmers Interface) features comprehensive programmatic support for the manipulation and processing of XML e-forms, allowing maximum flexibility and integration with legacy, workflow, document management and other third-party applications.

The new releases of both the PureEdge Viewer and API also have a French language version. The architecture has been internationalized for both products, so additional languages can be added.

Security enhancements and other additional features include:

  • PureEdge Designer 2.1 allows e-form developers to import and export objects, saving time and increasing functionality.

  • Additional support for multiple digital signature certificates, allows complete control over which signatures are made available for each e-form.

  • As much, or as little information as needed, can now be displayed about each of a user's digital signature certificates. Additional information is available at or by calling 1-888-517-2675.

About PureEdge

PureEdge Solutions is the leading provider of secure XML e-forms solutions for governments and regulated industries. The PureEdge Internet Commerce System(tm) (ICS) enables businesses to create, capture, process and archive secure XML e-forms, and integrate them seamlessly with infrastructure and legacy systems. By moving valuable business documents to the Web, PureEdge helps government and business organizations including the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), JPMorgan Chase and the U.S. Department of Defense, to save money and reduce paperwork, ensure their applications are secure, and extend their e-business systems to employees, customers and partners.

For more information, visit or 1-888-517-2675.

For product specific information, please visit:

PureEdge Solutions

PureEdge Solutions est le plus grand fournisseur de solutions en matière de formulaires électroniques XML sécurisés utilisés par les gouvernements et industries réglementées. Le PureEdge Internet Commerce SystemMC permet aux entreprises de créer, de numériser, de traiter et d'archiver des formulaires électroniques XML sécurisés et de les intégrer de façon transparente dans l'infrastructure et dans les systèmes existants. En transférant les documents commerciaux importants sur le Web, PureEdge permet aux organismes publics et privés, y compris la GRC, la Securities & Exchange Commission, JPMorgan Chase et le département américain de la défense, d'économiser, de réduire la paperasserie, de s'assurer que leurs applications sont sécurisées et d'étendre leurs systèmes de commerce électronique à leurs employés, à leurs clients et à leurs partenaires. Renseignements : ou 1-888-517-2675.

PureEdge Media Contacts

David Clark
Director of Marketing
253-761-2492 or


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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