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Sybase PowerBuilder 9.0 Announced for Release

Sybase PowerBuilder 9.0 Available

Open IDE Powers Rapid Application Development Across Leading Technologies, with Support for XML, JSP, EJB, .NET and Web Services

Orlando, FL, USA. March 4, 2003.


Sybase, Inc. announces general availability of Sybase PowerBuilder 9.0, the company's market-leading, rapid application development (RAD) tool:

  • PowerBuilder 9.0 increases developer productivity with support for J2EE and Microsoft .NET, and integration with existing technology investments and business logic.
  • Enhancements include the XML DataWindow, Web Services, RAD JavaServer Pages and third-party application server support.
  • PowerBuilder 9.0 lays the groundwork for 4GLplus, the next generation of RAD environment from Sybase.

Sybase, Inc., a leading enterprise infrastructure and integration company, today announced that Sybase PowerBuilder 9.0 is currently scheduled for general availability the week of March 24, 2003. This version of Sybase's industry-leading rapid application development (RAD) tool enables developers to continue building rich-client applications for their mission-critical business requirements, and at the same time propel them further into Web and N-tier development with significant new capabilities. PowerBuilder 9.0 also lays the foundation for "4GLplus", the next RAD environment from Sybase that will bring an even higher level of developer productivity through tight integration of design, modeling, development, deployment, and management.

"The release of PowerBuilder 9.0 heralds the beginning of 4GLplus, an open RAD tool for heterogeneous deployment environments that incorporates life-cycle application development and management concepts," said Dr. Raj Nathan, senior vice president and general manager, Sybase Enterprise Solutions Division. "In addition to its unsurpassed rich-client functionality, this release provides capabilities for the J2EE and Microsoft .NET environments, and tighter integration with PowerDesigner. Our close partnership with the developer community continues to inspire the evolution of PowerBuilder, as we work together to meet today's needs and anticipate future requirements."

"Professional developers require application development solutions that are easy to use, highly productive, and can integrate with various architectural frameworks and tools," said Stephen D. Hendrick, Group Vice President of Application Development and Deployment Research at IDC. "PowerBuilder 9.0 incorporates new and powerful functionality that addresses key heterogeneous development and deployment needs."

New capabilities in PowerBuilder 9.0 include:

  • RAD JavaServer Page (JSP) Targets: Allows developers to quickly develop and deploy a JSP Web application through wizards and other RAD tools.
  • Web Services: Enables developers to build, publish and consume Web services for Microsoft .NET and other frameworks without extensive knowledge of Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Web Services Description Language (WSDL).
  • XML DataWindow: Imports data directly from an XML document and saves data that was retrieved from any data source as a fully customized XML document, or as a document or string using XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) or PDF.
  • PowerBuilder Native Interface: Greatly extends the capabilities of PowerBuilder applications by wrapping a C++ class as a PowerBuilder extension, and then calling its methods in the application. Through JNI, Java applications also can communicate with the PBVM.
  • Third-Party Application Servers: In addition to existing support of Sybase EAServer, PowerBuilder now supports BEA WebLogic Server, IBM WebSphere and other J2EE Application Servers through wizards that generate proxies for enterprise Java beans (EJBs), and call the EJBs in J2EE servers from PowerBuilder through the proxies.
  • The PowerBuilder Document Object Model: The Sybase implementation of DOM, defines how XML documents can be accessed and manipulated. PBDOM is used to read, write, and manipulate standard-format XML from within PowerScript code.
  • PDF Report Generation: Provides two ways to save a DataWindow object so that it can directly generate reports in PDF format. The distill method is used by default and can save all types of DataWindow objects.
  • Source Control Enhancements: Helps developers manage large PowerBuilder projects more efficiently and achieve tighter integration with Rational ClearCase and Merant PVCS.
  • OrcaScript Utility: Invokes Orca application program interface commands with English-like scripting language. New source code control integration allows PowerBuilder targets to be rebuilt directly from source control.

"I am thrilled about PowerBuilder 9.0," said Austin Durbin, Technical Services Manager for Hawthorne Savings in El Segundo, CA. "As a beta tester of the product, I have already used the PowerBuilder Native Interface (PBNI) to create an application that gives me access to scanned images and digital photos that I would not have been able to access otherwise. PBNI is an extremely powerful capability that allows me to extend my PowerBuilder applications to others. I also plan to use it to enable SMTP support from any PowerBuilder program. You're really unlimited in what you can do with PBNI."

Pricing and Availability

PowerBuilder 9.0 is currently scheduled for general availability the week of March 24, 2003, in enterprise, professional, and desktop editions. The update price for an existing PowerBuilder Enterprise license is $1,495. For more information, or to place an order online, please visit

Sybase partners with industry-leading developers to help enterprises transform their data into economic value. The Sybase Developer Network (SDN) offers a single point of access to developer software, services, related technical information from Sybase, and collaboration with other Sybase developers. For more information about the network, or to join, visit

About Sybase, Inc.

Sybase pioneers software that integrates platforms, databases and applications. Sybase solutions create Information Liquidity -- transforming data into economic value. With Sybase, companies can attain maximum value from their data assets by getting the right information to the right people at the right time. For more information, visit the Sybase Web site:


Julie Connolly
Sybase, Inc.
Tel: +1 (925) 236-8696


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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