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Phaos Liberty Toolkit Version 2.0

Phaos Technology Releases Liberty Toolkit 2.0

e-Security Provider Offers Developer Toolkit for Liberty Alliance Specifications

New York, NY, USA. October 21, 2002.

Phaos Technology Corp., a leading global provider of cross-platform e-Security services and software tools to empower Internet applications, today announced the release of the Phaos Liberty Toolkit that will enable developers to build applications that adhere to the sign-on authentication and authorization specifications set by the Liberty Alliance. The Liberty Alliance strives to support the development, deployment and evolution of an open, interoperable standard for federated network identity.

Using the Phaos Liberty Toolkit, Java developers can rapidly build applications that enable single sign-on capabilities, support the consolidation of enterprise authentication schemes and allow the migration from legacy infrastructure to XML-based Web services. The Phaos Liberty Toolkit provides integrated XML digital signatures and XML encryption. Furthermore, it provides stronger privacy and identity protection mechanisms by seamlessly integrating hardware operations.

"The developer community is on the front lines of IT security issues. To be able to rapidly comply with today's ever-changing security needs, developers need access to toolkits that mask the complexity of security development," said Pete Lindstrom of Spire Security. "By providing toolkits that incorporate the current security standards and can be updated to include future standards, Phaos Technology is positioned to ensure that the developer community can stay ahead of the insecurity curve."

Phaos Liberty SDK, released earlier this year, provided the software for encryption standards called for in early Liberty Alliance specifications. The Phaos Liberty Toolkit expands on the earlier release with a fully integrated security library.

"Phaos is excited to offer the first tool that will allow developers to implement the Liberty Alliance specifications," said Roger Sullivan, president, Phaos Technology Corp. "Security standards continue to evolve, and the demand placed on developers to quickly comply with these standards is increasing. Phaos toolkits enable our customers to implement security specifications like those set by the Liberty Alliance soon after they are ratified."

The Phaos Liberty Toolkit employs secure encryption technologies and works with any XML parser. A pure Java toolkit, the Phaos Liberty Toolkit supports the Phaos PSE, XML, SAML and SSLava toolkits with optional Cryptoki, XKMS and Centuris add-ons available.

Phaos Technology also announced today the release of the Phaos XML Toolkit 2.0, a Java toolkit for building sophisticated, interoperable and secure XML-based applications that benefit from the code portability and scalability of Java; and Phaos SAML 1.0, which provides a protocol, consisting of XML-based request and response message formats, to communicate assertions of an entity's attributes, authentication and authorization.

Phaos Liberty Toolkit, Phaos XML 2.0 and Phaos SAML 1.0 are currently available by contacting Phaos. Liberty Toolkit developer licenses are $10,000 and run-time licenses are $15,000 per CPU. Other toolkits are priced at $3,000-$4,000 for developer licenses and between $3,000-$4,000 per run-time CPU.

About Phaos Technology Corp.

Phaos Technology Corp. is a recognized leader in providing cross-platform products, services and tools that enable enterprises to empower their applications and business processes with e-Security. The Company's products offer developers a full range of e-Security components for Public Key Infrastructure, cryptography and protocol toolkits, wireless security and secure messaging. The Company's client list includes numerous major corporations and organizations, located around the world. Phaos Technology Corp. can be reached on the Internet at or by email at, toll free at (888)-99-PHAOS, and (212)-514-6514 by phone.

Media Contact

Darren Calman
Phaos Technology Corp.
Tel: +1 (212) 514-6514


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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