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Palm and BEA Partner

Palm and BEA Partner to Mobilize Web Services in the Enterprise

Industry Leaders to Enable Enterprises to Develop and Deploy Web Services and Extend Enterprise Data Access to Palm Handhelds

San Jose, California, USA. August 27, 2002.

Palm Solutions Group, the pioneer in the field of mobile and wireless Internet solutions and a leading provider of handheld computers, and BEA Systems, Inc., the world's leading application infrastructure software company, today announced a long-term, strategic relationship to bring Web services to Palm branded handhelds.

Palm will develop tools and a device-side software suite to simplify development and deployment of mobile Web services to extend enterprise applications on Palm handhelds. Palm and BEA will work together to integrate this solution with BEA WebLogic Server 7.0 and BEA WebLogic Workshop products as server-side controls. This Palm SG solution will be the first WebLogic Workshop control developed for a handheld device.

A key element of this agreement is the use of Palm's new Reliable Transport technology as a core infrastructure component for this solution. Reliable Transport will provide a robust, secure, and usable platform for sending XML data back and forth between the server and Palm handhelds. The solution will be designed to easily allow Palm developers to use BEA WebLogic Workshop as the server-side programming framework, while WebLogic Workshop developers utilize Reliable Transport to send messages to and from Palm handhelds.

This alliance will allow an expanded audience of enterprise developers to extend enterprise applications and data to Palm branded handhelds using Web services. Ultimately, new types of Palm handheld applications -- which can directly interface into complex, back-end business logic through the use of open-standards -- will be possible. Both Palm and BEA believe that by adopting and promoting open technology standards, they will help drive the adoption of full-scale mobile applications.

This agreement supports Palm's strategy to deliver broad development support and simplify access to enterprise applications and data by integrating core mobile infrastructure into leading application server platforms such as BEA WebLogic. Palm's vision is to deliver products and solutions that offer a robust environment for developing and deploying mobile applications that provide easy access to enterprise data and applications. This is part of a series of technologies and partnership announcements designed to demonstrate that the Palm handheld is the most flexible device for building mobile enterprise applications for accessing mission-critical data via a cradle or over wireless networks.

For BEA, this agreement represents the opportunity to enable strategic mobile and wireless partners -- like Palm -- to allow enterprise and application developers to easily create and deploy mobile applications, as well as extend enterprise data and Web services to Palm handheld devices on the industry-leading BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform.

"Our experience and expertise with mobile business systems development helps us appreciate the significance and value of the Palm/BEA initiative," said Tracy Trent, chief executive officer, Stellcom. "We understand the challenges inherent in designing robust, secure and transactional business solutions on intermittent mobile networks. The Palm/BEA initiative directly addresses these common challenges. It integrates the capabilities of a secure, robust and highly adaptive mobile networking engine with the power and flexibility of an industry-leading, enterprise Web services development platform. This combination offers developers and systems integrators like Stellcom a powerful new foundation for developing solid mobile business solutions."

"BEA WebLogic Workshop can deliver an industry-leading framework for reliable Web services capabilities to our enterprise customers," said Byron Sebastian, vice president and general manager, BEA WebLogic Workshop and BEA WebLogic Portal, BEA Systems. "With the Palm relationship, we're in a position to enable enterprises to integrate all their applications on top of a unified, simplified, extensible and mobile application infrastructure platform."

"This partnership with BEA signifies the high degree of commitment Palm has to provide enterprise customers with what they need to extend their core business data and applications to wherever their employees are working," said Todd Bradley, president and chief operating officer, Solutions Group, Palm, Inc. "We believe mobility will be a key driver for successful businesses in the future. We are particularly attracted to BEA because of its commitment to industry standards and its strong track record of innovation."

About BEA

BEA Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS) is the world's leading application infrastructure software company, providing the enterprise software foundation for 13,000 customers around the world, including the majority of the Fortune Global 500. BEA and its WebLogic brand are among the most trusted names in business.

Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., BEA has 91 offices in 33 countries and is on the Web at

About Palm, Inc.

Palm, Inc. is a pioneer in the field of mobile and wireless Internet solutions and a leading provider of handheld computers. In 2001, Palm accounted for 39.4 percent of the worldwide personal companion handheld device market, according to IDC. PalmT handhelds address the needs of individuals, enterprises and educational institutions through hardware add-on options and more than 13,000 Palm OS based application solutions.

Information about Palm, Inc. is available at

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A & R Partners for Palm
Tel: +1-650-762-2837

Heather Dickinson
Tel: +1-408-570-8746

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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