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Ontopia Knowledge Suite Release 2.0

Web Editor Framework Out of Beta

Ontopia Announces Ontopia Knowledge Suite Release 2.0

Oslo, Norway. December 05, 2003.

Ontopia AS, the world's leading vendor of topic map technology, announced Release 2.0 of the Ontopia Knowledge Suite, which will be available from 19 December 2003.

This major release of the OKS brings:

  • the full release of the Web Editor Framework for building custom topic map authoring environments
  • extension of the query language to cover tasks that had required either API programming or use of the Navigator Framework tag libraries, new built-in predicates now allow querying all parts of a topic map
  • support for import and export of RDF data to topic maps
  • the popular free-download, Omnigator, now includes support for hierarchy visualization
  • and much more...

Steve Pepper, Founder of Ontopia, says "Now, finally, the Topic Maps community has a real, powerful, flexible tool for editing Topic Maps. Implementations in Norway and the UK are already using the Web Editor Framework to create custom editing environments."

The OKS uses the powerful Topic Maps model to enable the rapid development of complex systems. Using the OKS, integrators can create representations of diverse information and knowledge models, and then access and manipulate them with a common tool set and query language.

"I am really pleased with the new RDF support in OKS 2.0 and Omnigator VII because it finally bridges the gap between these two closely related knowledge technologies, enabling users to easily move data back and forth between topic maps and RDF," remarked Lars Marius Garshol, Development Manager. "The most important aspect of the approach we've taken is that it allows users to use the same vocabularies with both RDF and topic maps."

The OKS, a Java toolkit for applying Topic Maps functionality, consists of:

  • Topic map engine with scalable API
  • J2EE-compliant toolkits for development of editing and browsing applications
  • Full-text search
  • Schema tools
  • Persistent and scalable storage of topic maps in an RDBMS

About Ontopia AS

Ontopia is the world's leading provider of topic map technology. Ontopia and its partners across three continents offer consultancy for design, development, and deployment of solutions based on the Ontopia Knowledge Suite(TM). Ontopia technology aids information integration and "find-ability" for web portals, content/knowledge management systems, rules-based applications, and enterprise application integration. Ontopia has OKS licensing available for end-users, system integrators, and OEMs. Ontopia is privately held and has headquarters at Waldemar Thranes gt. 98, N-0175 Oslo, Norway. Tel: +47-23 23 30 80. Fax: +47-23 23 30 81. Web:

Further Information

For more information about Ontopia and the OKS, please visit our website at:

Or contact:

Pamela Gennusa
Chief Operating Officer
Ontopia AS
Mobile: +47 926 82 436

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. General references in "(XML) Topic Maps."

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