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Open XML Framework (OXF) Version 2.0

Orbeon Ships Version 2.0 of Its Open XML Framework (OXF)

Productivity, Flexibility, Reuse, and Web Services Are Not Buzzwords Anymore

Mountain View, CA, USA. July 14, 2003.

Orbeon, Inc. today announced version 2.0 of the Open XML Framework (OXF). OXF is the most advanced XML transformation framework built on top of proven J2EE technologies. It stands out in a crowd of existing J2EE frameworks by fully leveraging the ubiquity and the flexibility of XML.

This new version boosts enterprise XML-based integration, Web application development, and delivers standard Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications which run on any application server. Version 2.0 includes major enhancements that make OXF the most productive and elegant way to integrate disparate systems and build reliable enterprise Web applications.

Orbeon enables organizations to reuse their existing assets, including Java components, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), and Web services through a standard XML-based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). OXF promotes separation of concerns and component based development by providing an MVC infrastructure as well as a rich set of components out-of-the-box such as:

  • Data access through SQL, EJB, and Web services
  • Data transformation with XSLT, XQuery, and XUpdate
  • Document generation/management with support for XML, HTML, text, PDF, and Excel
  • Notification through email and instant messaging

OXF is built with industry standard J2EE and XML technologies; it supports all the popular application servers, datasources, and browsers.

Version 2.0 Features

Version 2.0 of OXF introduces the following enhancements:

  • New Web Application Controller and XForms enhancements: OXF 2.0 allows Web application developers to define the workflow of their application declaratively in a central location. The net result is a complete separation of site logic, page logic, page layout, and site presentation, based on XForms and the Model / View / Controller architecture.
  • Struts Portlets support: The Struts integration is enhanced to support implementing portals. Each portlet is implemented in a separate Struts action.
  • SQL Processor enhancements: CLOBs support (large character objects), allows developers to store and retrieve large XML documents from relational databases.
  • New JavaServer Faces integration: OXF supports the latest JavaServer Faces reference implementation (Early Access 4) and comes with a new XML serializer.
  • Pluggable XSLT and JAXP transformers: Developers can use the built-in Xalan, XSLTC, Saxon 6 or 7 (including early XSTL 2.0 support), or any other transformer supporting the TrAX API.
  • Configurable serializers: Fine-grained control of the output of the serializers, including encoding and DOCTYPE, is now supported.
  • Image Server enhancements: In addition to scaling and cropping, basic drawing operations are supported.
  • LDAP Processor: The new LDAP processor allows an easy access to any LDAP server from OXF.
  • Scheduler Processor: The scheduler allows the execution of background tasks at specific times or at regular intervals.
  • XQuery and XUpdate Processors: XQuery and XUpdate can often be used as alternatives to XSLT. XQuery is a query language being developed by the W3C. XUpdate is a transformation language oriented towards the modification of existing XML documents.
  • Charts, PDF, and Excel Processors: Developers can easily generate charts, PDF documents and Excel spreadsheets from OXF components. In addition, Excel import is supported.
  • Email and Instant Messaging Processors: These new communication features allow OXF applications to send emails and to send and receive Instant Messages using the Yahoo! Messenger.


OXF version 2.0 is available immediately. A 30-day evaluation version is available at

About Orbeon

Orbeon, Inc. was founded in 1999 to provide companies with the products, the skills, and the resources needed to build reliable e-business applications required to compete and win. Orbeon specializes in delivering advanced XML and J2EE solutions and has implemented reliable, high-performance e-business solutions for Fortune 1000 companies in several vertical industry segments. Based in Mountain View, CA, Orbeon, Inc. is a privately held company. For additional information, visit


Gina Milani
Milani Marketing and Public Relations
Tel: +1 650-685-5565

Omar Tazi
Orbeon, Inc.
Tel: +1 650-938-3120


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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