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OSIS Beta Schema 2002-03-18.

From: 2002-03-18.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<xs:schema xmlns:xs = ""
        elementFormDefault = "unqualified" >

			<p><date>2002-03-06</date><version>.01</version><resp>PLD</resp>First draft on selection of role names for use with include element in OSIS main schema.</p>

<xs:simpleType name = "role">
				<p>This is a selected set of the most common role names likely to be needed for basic encoding. Users who need the fuller set of role names should modify the include statement to load: fullRoleNames.xsd. Note that only this file or fullRoleNames.xsd should be loaded in any one schema.</p>
	   <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
<xs:enumeration value="adp"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Adapter: Use for a person who 1) reworks a musical composition,usually for a different medium, or 2) rewrites novels or stories for motionpictures or other audiovisual medium.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
		   	<xs:enumeration value="ann"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Annotator: Use for a person who writes manuscript annotations on a printed item.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="art"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Artist: Use for a person (e.g., a painter) who conceives, and perhaps also implements, an original graphic design or work of art, </xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="aut"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Author: Use for a person or corporate body chiefly responsiblefor the intellectual or artistic content of a work, usually printed text.  This term may also be used when more than one person or body bears such responsibility.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="aqt"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Author in quotations or text extracts  : Use for a person whose work is largely quoted or extracted in a works to which he or she did not contribute directly.  Such quotations are found particularly in exhibition catalogs, collections of photographs, etc.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="aft"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Author of afterword, colophon, etc.  : Use for a person or corporate body responsible for an afterword, postface, colophon, etc. but who isnot the chief author of a work.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="aui"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Author of introduction, etc.  : Use for a person or corporate body responsible for an introduction, preface, foreword, or other critical introductory matter, but who is not the chief author.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="bnd"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Binder: </xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="bdd"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Binding designer:  Designer of binding</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="bkd"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Book designer: Use for the person or firm responsible for the entire graphic design of a book, including arrangement of type and illustration,choice of materials, and process used.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="bkp"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Book producer: Use for the person or firm responsible for the production of books and other print media, if specific codes</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="bjd"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Bookjacket designer  :  Designer of bookjacket</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="bpd"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Bookplate designer: Designer of bookplate</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="ctg"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Cartographer: </xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="clb"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Collaborator: Use for a person or corporate body that takes a limited part in the elaboration of a work of another person or corporate body that brings complements (e.g., appendices, notes) to the work.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="cmm"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Commentator: Use for a person who provides interpretation, analysis,or a discussion of the subject matter on a recording, motion picture, or other audiovisual medium.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="cwt"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Commentator for written text: Use for a person or corporate body responsible for the commentary or explanatory notes about a text.  For the writer of manuscript annotations in a printed book, use Annotator</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration> 
<xs:enumeration value="com"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Compiler: Use for a person who produces a work or publication by selecting and putting together material from the works of various persons or bodies.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="ctb"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Contributor  : Use for one whose work has been contributed to a larger work, such as an anthology, serial publication, or other compilation of individual works. Do not use for someone whose sole function in relation to a work is as author, editor, compiler or translator.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="cre"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Creator  : Use for a person or corporate body responsible for the intellectual or artistic content of a work.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="edt"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Editor: Use for a person who prepares for publication a work not primarily his/her own, such as by elucidating text, adding introductory or other critical matter, or technically directing an editorial staff.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="ilu"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Illuminator: </xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="ill"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Illustrator: Use for the person who conceives, and perhaps also implements, a design or illustration, usually to accompany a written text.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="pbl"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Publisher: </xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>
<xs:enumeration value="trl"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Translator: Use for a person who renders a text from one language into another, or from an older form of a language into the modern form.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:enumeration>

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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