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ONCE Teams with CommerceNet and NGI on Web Services

Open Network for Commerce Exchange Announces Web Services Project

Project Enabled by Next Generation Internet (NGI) Grant from CommerceNet and the State of California

Palo Alto, CA, USA. January 06, 2003.

The Open Network for Commerce Exchange (ONCE), the largest alliance of electronic trading networks in the world, today announced that the association has been awarded a Next Generation Internet (NGI) Program grant by the California Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency's Division of Science, Technology and Innovation and CommerceNet for the development of a research-based project on the business implications of Web services. The project will be conducted in close cooperation with CommerceNet, a consortium that catalyzes, advocates, and invests in the next generation business Internet.

The NGI Program enables projects that may have a widespread economic and societal impact. The NGI Program also helps stimulate California's economy by identifying, supporting, and funding companies and organizations dedicated to the development of business applications that drive the build-out of the next generation Internet. The goal of the NGI Program-sponsored ONCE Web services project is to evaluate Web services technology as a solution to some of today's business challenges in business-to-business (B2B) commerce including trading partner management and service syndication.

"We are very pleased to partner with CommerceNet and the NGI Program to conduct this evaluation and pilot project," said Kerry Lamson, chief executive officer (CEO) of ONCE. "Companies are skeptical of any new technology until proven successful. This is an opportunity to assess the state of the market and educate business executives about what is really possible and when."

About the Web Services Project

The collaborative project includes two key phases with an investment of approximately $150,000 to complete. The first phase includes development and execution of a study highlighting important business issues and best practices surrounding trading partner management and the current state of the Web services applications and tools from existing and emerging vendors. The study will also profile key B2B process priorities, the services, if any, currently being used by companies and the planned capabilities of e-marketplaces (both public and private), technology vendors and service providers to use Web services to meet these priorities.

The second phase will be to conduct a one-day Executive Summit in early March 2003 that will offer top business executives, academia, legislators and thought leaders the opportunity to engage in practical discussion and education on the business value of Web services for connecting to and promoting wide syndication of services between trading partners. Conference content will include roundtable discussions, user presentations and pilot demonstrations on "Business Realities of Web Services." A sample of discussion topics include: Web Services - Early Warning Signs, Are You Ready For Web Services?, Pioneering Applications Using Web Services, and Top Ten Business Needs.

"CommerceNet is pleased to collaborate with ONCE to identify real-world business solutions with Web Services technology," said Marty Tenenbaum, founder and board chairman of CommerceNet. "The Next Generation Internet (NGI) Program identifies opportunities to advance e-Business, and we saw this as a seamless match to our overarching goals to facilitate the advancement of business applications and business models that establish an interoperable electronic marketplace. Together with the State of California and ONCE, this project will uncover the impact that Web services can have on business, including easier integration, the potential for savings in time and cost, and the importance of increased capabilities."

About the Open Network for Commerce Exchange (ONCE)

The Open Network for Commerce Exchange (ONCE) is a global, not-for-profit organization devoted to the development and growth of business-to-business (b2b) electronic trade. Our members constitute the largest alliance of electronic trading networks, customers, suppliers, services and technology companies in the world working to provide a global platform for interoperability. A leading authority on the issues that influence the forward progress of international electronic commerce, ONCE participates in the debates on the business practices and technical standards affecting exchange-based trading; develops and hosts educational forums that improve cultural, technical and business differences; and provides industry research and statistical information on the regulatory issues that shape international trade policy. The organization was formerly known as the Global Trading Web Associationsm (GTWA). For more information, visit

About California Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency's Division of Science, Technology, and Innovation (DSTI)

DSTI is a division of the California Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency, the lead state organization responsible for economic development, technology innovation, job growth and retention in California. DSTI nurtures and fosters California's tech-based economy by working with federal and local governments, non-profit organizations, and California-based private companies to increase and improve tech-based economic development in California. For additional information about TTCA, visit For more information about DSTI, visit

About CommerceNet

CommerceNet, a global, not-for-profit organization is setting the business and technical agenda for the real-time economy by advancing global business on the Internet. Possessing technology and business expertise, CommerceNet selects and funds initiatives that address essential technology, educational, and business concept chasms and advances the development of critical standards and policies. CommerceNet's primary initiatives focus on creating a real-time networked economy by fostering the development of Adaptive Business Networks, Business Services Networks, Business Risk Management and Event-Drive Value Chains. By concentrating on these areas and supporting pilots and projects within world-renown testing facilities and application centers, CommerceNet is accelerating market convergence. Learn more about CommerceNet at

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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