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Open Mobile Alliance Specifications and OMA Release Program

Open Mobile Alliance Announces New Specifications, OMA Release Program, and Additional Industry Forum Consolidation

Las Vegas, NV, USA. November 19, 2002.

The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), committed to driving open standards and interoperable mobile services across the world, today introduced the OMA Release Program including new technical specifications. Additionally, OMA announced the completed consolidation of key industry forums.

The OMA specifications will follow the OMA Release Program. Through the program, OMA facilitates and accelerates the creation of mobile services that comply with open specifications and operate across a wide range of networks, countries, and mobile devices. The program requires thorough interoperability testing to ensure that products and services work together seamlessly -- a prerequisite for success in the global mobile services market.

The OMA Release Program initially includes seven new enablers, comprised of specifications that are the building blocks for mobile services worldwide. These enablers are mobile browsing, Multimedia Messaging (MMS), Digital Rights Management (DRM), Domain Name Server (DNS) lookup via mobile devices, mobile content download, e-mail push notification, and user/device profiles. The industry can incorporate these enablers into their product road maps and plan for interoperability testing. Additionally, OMA introduced the Instant Messaging and Presence Services (IMPS) enabler. This enabler has already successfully passed interoperability tests with several implementations.

"The OMA Release Program together with the new enablers illustrates a strong industry endorsement, showing that we are a market-driven alliance," said Mark Cataldo, the newly elected Chair of the OMA Technical Plenary. "Based on key market and customer requirements, the enablers designed by OMA will ultimately contribute to the creation of mobile solutions that allow both consumers and business users of mobile services to enjoy greater performance, better interoperability and enhanced ease of use."

Consolidation Continues

OMA has finalized the integration of the Location Interoperability Forum (LIF), the MMS Interoperability Group (MMS-IOP), the SyncML Initiative, and the Wireless Village Initiative.

Mobile standardization efforts continue to integrate into OMA. The Mobile Wireless Internet Forum (MWIF) and the Mobile Games Interoperability Forum (MGIF) have announced intention to integrate into OMA. Both initiatives are committed to driving global standards that improve interoperability of mobile technologies.

"We welcome MGIF and MWIF to the Open Mobile Alliance and are pleased that LIF, MMS-IOP, SyncML, and Wireless Village have also now successfully completed the integration. These additional initiatives further accelerate the development of interoperable specifications and demonstrate that OMA has become a central mobile services standardization body," said Jari Alvinen, the newly elected Chair of the OMA Board of Directors.

About the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)

The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) delivers open standards for the mobile industry, helping to create interoperable services which work across countries, operators and mobile terminals and are driven by users' needs. To expand the mobile market, companies supporting the Open Mobile Alliance will work to stimulate the fast and wide adoption of a variety of new, enhanced mobile information, communication and entertainment services. The Open Mobile Alliance includes all key elements of the wireless value chain, and contributes to the timely and efficient introduction of services and applications. For more information, please visit

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Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See: (1) "Fostering Worldwide Growth in the Mobile Services Market"; (2) "The SyncML Initiative"; (3) "WAP Wireless Markup Language Specification (WML)."

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