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Novell's exteNd Supports XForms

Novell to Provide Visual Application Development Tools Based on Emerging XForms Standard

Provo, Utah, USA. November 12, 2002.

  • Developed by the W3C with active participation from Novell, XForms enables information to be presented as XML to provide a next-generation approach to building interactive Web applications

  • Unveils XForms technology preview, marking the first milestone in Novell's plans to provide visual page designers based on XForms for rapid application delivery in future releases of Novell exteNd

  • Novell's support for XForms underscores the company's commitment to leading the market in standards-based Web application development

To help developers of all skill levels rapidly build today's advanced Web applications, Novell today announced plans to provide visual tools based on the emerging XForms standard in the next major release of Novell exteNd, its J2EE-based Web application development suite. Also today, Novell has released a preview of XForms technology for developers, available for download at

By implementing XForms in Novell exteNd, Novell will significantly reduce the development effort required to build standards-based Web applications. Novell's plans to support XForms and other emerging standards in Novell exteNd underscore the company's commitment to providing developers with leading-edge technology that makes it easier to build sophisticated, Web-based applications.

"Novell believes that the XForms standard will become the cornerstone for the presentation of XML-based information, including information delivered via Web services-based applications," said David Litwack, Novell's senior vice president of Web application development. "As part of our commitment to helping developers build these advanced applications, Novell will deliver new, visual page designers based on XForms with the next major release of Novell exteNd. This will enable developers that are new to Java and J2EE to rapidly build and deploy rich Web services-based applications with Novell exteNd."

Novell will be providing drag-and-drop tools based on XForms in future releases of Novell exteNd that will dramatically reduce the amount of programming necessary to build interactive Web applications, a task that previously required specialized skills. As a result, developers of all skill levels will be able to visually develop standards-based Web applications with Novell exteNd, reducing time to market for business-critical applications. Moreover, Novell's commitment to standards such as XForms ensures that applications built using Novell exteNd will run on all major platforms and operating systems, so that customers will not get locked into a single vendor solution.

Novell's plans to implement XForms and other emerging standards are also part of the company's commitment to provide developers with the best technology available to simplify Web application development. Novell's XForms technology preview is designed to give developers a hands-on introduction to the emerging XForms standard. For more information and to download the preview, please visit:

This technology preview is among the first compliant implementations of the XForms 1.0 Candidate Recommendation, also released today by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) - the premier standards body devoted to developing common protocols that promote the evolution of the Web and ensure its interoperability. Novell is playing a leading role in the W3C's development of the XForms standard, along with the other member organizations in the XForms Working Group.


Novell's visual design tools based on XForms will be available with the next major release, Novell exteNd 5, scheduled for mid 2003. Novell's XForms technology preview is available immediately for free download at:


Sarah Mees
Novell, Inc.
Tel: +1 978.262.3297

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See: (1) "W3C XForms 1.0 Advances to Candidate Recommendation Status"; (2) "XML and Forms."

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