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Noonetime's Constellation

Noonetime Launches Constellation, An Xml-Based Software Solution For Content Migration

Document Migration from Quark Xpress to XML and Back is Effortless

Denver, CO, USA. July 11, 2001.

Noonetime, a leading provider of XML-based content migration software tools, announces the expansion of their product portfolio with the launch of Constellation, a software solution that uses behind-the-scenes technology to facilitate seamless two-way content migration, editing, and re-purposing between XML and other authoring applications.

"Noonetime has developed a key missing piece in XML solutions," says Dave Hollander, co-founder of XML and co-chair of the W3C XML Schema Working Group. "Constellation is an incredibly innovative use of XML to solve real world problems. Bundling their tools into one complete product provides a round trip solution for getting information between the desktop and XML. Noonetime really understands the power behind XML and how to convert it into solutions for all information workers, not just the technical elite."

Constellation's first release allows QuarkXpress users to automatically export documents to XML, edit the document on-line, and re-import the revised document back into the original Quark template, preserving all styles and formatting. Shortly Noonetime will be releasing these same capabilities for Microsoft Word and FrameMaker.

"Constellation is the perfect feeder system for Web solution companies," said Chris Ziener, President and CEO of Noonetime. "With Constellation, XML sits behind the scenes allowing its users all of the benefits of XML without ever having to deal with the technology -- nothing about the content creation process is affected."

Once content is transferred into XML it can be edited remotely via the web, and can then either be imported back into the original document source for traditional print output or it can be delivered over the web or to wireless devices.

"Constellation is a well-conceived round trip XML publishing solution that has a seamless integration with QuarkXPress," said Brett Mueller, senior product manager at Quark Inc. "It has a straightforward user interface with a solid set of tools that are easy-to-use -- even for people who don't understand XML."

Constellation's ability to edit and author content directly over the web drastically simplifies a user's publishing cycle. The short, convenient communication cycle enhances the free exchange and collaborative authoring process.

Mark Peters, Vice President of Sales for Chrystal Software, a content management company, sees the benefits of Noonetime's new product. "Constellation is a fantastic new tool for creating XML data with standard off-the-shelf software. It is a great new precursor to the content management solutions that we provide, so we look forward to working with Noonetime closely."

About Noonetime

Noonetime is an XML management solutions provider, specializing in software development, structured information system design, implementation, and training. We combine our industry expertise in XML and other structured technologies with advanced software development capabilities to deliver the most effective XML solutions.

Having started as a structured information and XML consulting firm in 1999, Noonetime saw first-hand the limitations and frustrations resulting from the gaps in XML solution tools. Now, with focus on software development, Noonetime provides industry insight and expertise to create software solutions to enhance the integration to XML while making the process simple.

For more information and product demonstrations, please visit


Jeannine Klinefelter

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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